The 10 Best Japanese Knives For Chefs

Are you having a tough time trying to make the perfect cuts with your traditional cooking knife? Maybe it is time for you to upgrade to the best Japanese knives which will penetrate through food products with uniformity and preciseness.

What makes a Japanese knife any different? Is it the craftsmanship and the amount of effort that goes into forging it? These knives typically have a fitting sharper edge blade and a comfortable hand-grip which cuts pierces through everything with complete finesse.

Now, we are going to start our long-awaited review. Bear in mind that hours of research, customer reviews, market surveys, and our team’s insight have gone into selecting these 10 Japanese knives for you.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s jump into the review!

1. Oxford Chef Knife – Best Japanese Knife 2021

Being an all-time great knife manufacturer, it is no coincidence that Oxford launched another exquisite looking knife. One that has an aura of style to it, one that cuts through the goodies without any hassle. This one right here is an elite variant of the traditional Japanese knives. Characterized by their toughness, sleek chopping, and edge to edge functionality, the knife comes at a handsome cost. Around 90$ maybe a bit too much for a knife to spent on but from its style to performance, it is not a bad long-term investment.

Some notable features about the Best Japanese Knife 2021 are as below:

Features That You Need To Know:

Authentic Japanese Themed Design:

Although a knife seems to be something rather simplistic and stylistically dull in our parts of the region. But it is not the case, with the Japanese people who have a strong connection with the knives they use. This is the reason we keep getting magical designs in the knives that are Japanese themed. Here, we have another such spectacular design that takes gives some lustrous vibes.

Perfectly Shaped For Deep Cuts:

Often without having the knowledge and information. The knife that we purchase for our kitchen needs does not perform the same on all sorts of goodies. But here the best Japanese Knife 2021 has a curvilinear blade with the optimal angles to work on! You may be thinking what makes this knife stand out? Well, the fact that it works exceptionally on projects like mincing, slicing meat cuts, disjointing deep cuts, and chopping veggies are some arguments in its favor.

Built From The Realms Of Stainless Steel:

For a manufacturer, that has a reputation in the market. Authenticity is a great deal, and to keep the tradition alive. The best Japanese knife 2021 has been furnished from the toughest material of Damascus stainless steel. This built is a major reason I would like you to invest in a costly knife. As it would stand durable and perform fantastic in the long run.

Comfortable Hand Grip:

One thing that the Japanese knives are famous for is the comfortable handgrip that they possess. If you are a chef who has to work long hours in his kitchen, cutting ample veggies and meat with a cheap knife would be a hassle. Not to mention the slippery grip getting on your nerves. For this very reason, Oxford knife manufacturers embed the knife in an ergonomic grip material, one that is non-slippery and doesn’t cause any sorts of fatigue.



  • 8’’ Size Comes With A Marvelous Design

  • The Handgrip Is Suitable For All Sorts Of Goodies

  • Works Amazingly In The Hands Of A Professional

  • Built From The Durable Stainless Steel

  • Curvilinear Blade Is One Of The Most Effective

  • Superb Performance In Both Meat And Veggies Department

  • A Little Pricey

  • Little Off Balance On Some Surface

Final Views:

I have been greatly impressed by the manufacturers continuing efforts to make every knife better than its former one. This one here is no exception to it with its beauty, performance, and comfortable hand-grip.

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Oxford Chef Knife

2. KATSU Kitchen Chef –Best Stainless Steel Japanese Knife

Now the next knife we have on our list is the one that speaks for itself. The fantastic knife has been engineered by some top-notch experts; this is the reason why it has some remarkable cutting, pinch perfect chopping, and a durable design. Now we will go into details of its features in detail for you below.

Some Essential Features That You Need To Know:

Octagonal Wood Handle:

Wood handles have been quite an in practice, but it is a knife handle that doesn’t work nicely on cheaper knives. But a knife that has been forged with stainless steel has the most balanced cuts. This octagonal handle gives your hands the stability to work seamlessly on all fronts.

67 Layer Damascus Steel Speaks For Durability:

When it comes to the knife territory, anything other than steel fails to perform for a longer period. Now, what we have here is a 67 layered Damascus steel forged with due care to give your knife a long-lasting life, durability in all areas, and corrosion-free performance.

Traditional Japanese Blade:

The level of effort that goes into a Japanese blade shows when you work on those deep meat cuts. Where all other knifes May fail, the traditional convex grind Japanese blade outperforms the rest.

Giftable Version Of KATSU Knives:

Coming up to the overall design and the packaging of the knife. The knife has a shiny pattern imprinted on it that makes it look like you are holding an elite cutter. On the other hand, it has perfect packaging that will serve you well, when you will attend an upcoming birthday party.



  • Lightweight Ebony Octagonal Wood Handle

  • Giftable To Friends And Family

  • Traditional Japanese Blade Pierces Through Everything

  • 67 Layer Damascus Stainless Steel Built

  • A Fan Favorite Among Users

  • Costly Price

  • It Is A Little Too Lightweight For Some

Final Views:

There are ample reasons why it is one the most gossiped knife among the users. The fact that it is easy to use all surface knife that has a high-grade chopping performance are a few of those reasons.

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KATSU Japanese Knife

3. FAMCÜTE Japanese Knife – Best Japanese Knife For The Money

The next knife on our list truly a monster when it comes to 8-inch knives. From its ergonomic design that enables the chef to keep chopping for hours to its brilliant alloy steel design. Everything is pinch perfect and the little fine margins are absolutely on point. This is what separates it from the rest. There is lots of more stuff to discuss this fantastic knife that has a rowdy look to it.

Some key features about the best Japanese Knife for the money that you need to know:

Key Features You Should Know:

Ergonomically Designed Superior Style:

Are you someone that is in the chopping business, where you have to be constantly hooked on slicing big meat cuts, tough veggies, and so on? In that case, you would be craving for a user-friendly design, one that doesn’t tire your hands and simply keeps you on the task at all times. Now, the comfiest of grip and a true 8″ razor blade is here to be your chopping companion.

10/10 Marks For Durability:

Forged with an alloy of stainless steel, the knife is quite lighter on hands. The steel alloy built is a perfect combo to have if you want your knife to be long-lasting and continue its excellent performance.

Well, Balanced For Precise Cuts:

What does a chef want in a knife? Is it the spacious hand grip or stainless steel built? Some would argue in favor of the weight balance aspect. From the handle to the spine of the billet, the knife has a uniform weight distribution that allows it to work incredibly every time.

Value For Money Price:

The fact that it is a multipurpose knife that works with the perfect amount of delicacy in the sushi department. On the other hand, it has sturdy performance on veggies and meat slicing. These are some of the features that point towards it being a value for money knife!



  • Users Love It Because Of Ergonomic Design

  • Steel Alloy Built Makes It Durable

  • Value For Money Price

  • Uniform Weight Distribution Provides Clean Cuts

  • Perfect For Sushi Chefs

  • A Stable Handle Helps In Long Shifts

  • Due Care Is Required To Prevent Rust

  • The Belly Is A Little Carved

Final Views:

What more can I add, from its ridiculously balanced deep cutting of food to its modern design? It is one hell of a good knife.

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4. Simple Song Traditional Japanese Knife – Carbon Stainless Steel Construction

The next knife on our list has a simple yet sophisticated design. Its coolness lies in its detailed cozy design. What set’s this knife apart from the pack? Is only the carbon stainless steel built or does it offer some other unique features. Surely, if you are spending 40$, you need to know every dos and don’ts of the knife.

Some of the most popular features of the knife are below:

Key Features You Need to Know:

Cozy Rosewood Handle:

When it comes to choosing a handle, there are plentiful materials to go with. But the fact that the manufacturer has paired the knife with rosewood deserves praise. Why is that you may ask? Not only does the material maintain a shiny polish on the handle but it also gives a comfortable grip for perfect penetration.

High Carbon Stainless Steel Built:

A reliable Japanese knife is something that people prefer over all other knife types. Why the people are willing to invest twice the amount in a Japanese knife? It is because it is forged with the most durable carbon stainless steel.

Single Bevel Knife Edge Shape:

Choice of professional Japanese chefs, there are ample reasons to prefer a single bevel knife edge. The angles on the knife are pinch perfect for sharp and precise cuts, that will never fail you when slicing big meat cuts.

Ideal For Chefs, Good For Beginners:

Most of the knives are either low-grade or high-grade, finding the middle lane becomes quite a hassle. But this, simple Japanese knife has what it takes to take your chopping skills to the next level. On, the other hand it also serves as a full-time companion for professionals working in mega kitchens.



  • An All Multipurpose Knife With Rosewood Handle

  • 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee

  • Single Bevel Knife-Edge

  • Carbon Stainless Steel Construction

  • Fantastic Beef Slayer

  • Corrosion-Resistant

  • Minimal Quality Control Issues

  • Poor Customer Service

Final Views:

Another quality multipurpose knife that is here to get the job done. Not a lot of fancy stuffy when it comes to the design, the knife focuses on sharpness, toughness and gives quality cuts.

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Traditional Japanese Knife

5. Shun Classic Chef Knife – Best Japanese Knife For Sushi

If you have ever visited a Sushi chef’s kitchen you will know how much of a connection they have with their knives. When you are into the world of sushi cuisine, your knife blade comes in contact with different sorts of food products. Now, a reliable knife that works according to the food surface is of great importance. Today we have a swift processing knife that has excellence in all aspects.

Some major features of the knife are below

Major Features That You Need To Know:

PinPoint Cutting For Sushi Recipes:

Do you have an upcoming get together, whereby you will be making some sushi rolls? Wouldn’t it be amazing if those rolls turn out delicious? In that case, the best Japanese knife for sushi is here with the superbly clean cuts and precise slicing to get you some praise.

Designed For Professional Chefs:

With its accurate and precise cuts, the knife is made to be in the hands of a professional. From the handle to the spine the blade has a uniform weight which works perfectly when it comes to sushi recipes.

Handcrafted In Japan:

Truer to the roots, the machine has been forged in Japanese hands. It is a major reason why it is a little over the head in terms of prices. The demand for an authentic Japanese knife is not a joke. Those Japanese hands have a touch of class that makes the Japanese knives outperform all.

Shun’s Specific Material Combination:

Shun is a brand that believes in rigidness as oppose to being stylish and glamorous. This is the reason why this knife looks a little okayish when it comes to the design. Because the magic happens when the knife starts slicing. It’s made from a combo of Carbon, tungsten, and chromium, the metals known for durability and long-lasting use.



  • Made For Professionals

  • Made From A Special Combo Of Metals

  • The Cozy Handle Allows Good Grip

  • Loved By Users

  • To Be Used For Special Sushi Cuisines

  • Uniform Weight Balance From Handle To Spine

  • Expensive

  • Not Suitable For Beginners

Final Views:

Well and truly a class apart the knife is well-loved among the people. Now it is up to you to try it and find out why!

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Shun Classic Chefs Knife

6. FINDKING Kitchen Knife Set – Best Japanese Kitchen Knife Set

FINDKING kitchen knife sets are popular around the world. The demand for these knife sets keeps on rocketing. What makes them so much preferable? Why do people prefer to import such magnificent knives? You will find out everything when we review the precise slicing knife below.

Some fantastic feature that you need to know about the best Japanese kitchen knife set:

Features That You Need To Know:

4 In 1 Jumbo Set:

Out of hundreds of knife sets available, why did we specifically choose this one? There are plentiful reasons. The fact that these knives cut through the toughest and trickiest of food products is a starter.

Made From Rough Steel Designed With Outclass Pattern:

Forged with the toughest of steel and embedded in a beautiful pattern that represents the Japanese culture and dedication. The knife is going to take over your kitchen for years to come.

Weight Balance Allows accurate Slicing:

Are you in a hurry for meal prep? Does your dodgy knife keep pushing you back because of its atrocious weight balance? Not a chance that you will feel such a disastrous situation in the FINDKING kitchen knife set. Every knife in the set is designed to promote accurate, crystal clean cuts.

African Rosewood Handle:

Most of the time we come across such knives where we believe the blade has an issue for the knife performing poorly. But the reason why you are getting slippery cut lies in the handle. The African rosewood handle is here to stay as it’s comfortable to grip ensures every cut penetrates the meat.



  • Hottest Value For Money Deal

  • Long-Lasting Life Because Of Stainless Steel

  • Works Great For All Sorts Of Cuts

  • Cozy African Rosewood Handle

  • Weight Balance For Accurate Slices

  • Crafted By Professionals

  • Rust Issues

  • No Other Major Issues

Final Views:

It is a great value for money deal with all the knives in the pack serving different purposes. Surely you should check out its authentic Japanese pattern, it looks super cool!

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Findking Japanese Knife Set

7. PAUDIN Japanese Knife – Best Cheap Japanese Knife For Chefs

In a kitchen, not every one of us has a pocket full of cash to spend on a single item. We have to balance our budget as a beginner chef. For that very purpose, we look for the hottest value deals that will keep our meal preps running. You have luckily landed at the right spot! As we have a spectacular budget knife to do all your cutting jobs.

Some important features of the knife are below:

Features That You Need To Know:

Complete Multipurpose Knife:

When it comes to cooking, we are always dealing with a  variety of food products. Imagine how stressful it would be if your knife fails on some goodies that are a must for completing your recipe. Not anymore, as the sleek PAUDIN knife cuts through every sort of food product without leaving any traces of imperfection.

Exquisite Handle & Blade Pattern Combo:

Yeah, we all have been there when it comes to a cheaper knife. It may have a sick pattern on the blade but the handle would feel dull. The best cheap Japanese knife of the year has a heavenly blade and handle combo that makes it look fanciful in your hands.

Non-Slippery Application:

It is surely not one of those dodgy knives that we come across at the local knife shops. After proper testing, PAUDIN has chosen the most suitable material for the handle with an extra comfortable grip.

Ultra Sharp Edge:

Hand polished by craftsman, the fact that this knife barely costs 30$ blows my mind. It is arguably a fantastic knife with an ultra-sharp edge. Sharpness is the key when you are dealing with beef and you want the correct results.



  • Comes With Affordable Price

  • Ultra-Sharp Edge For Precise Cuts

  • Non-Slippery Action On Meat Slicing

  • A Well-Thought Design On The Blade & Handle

  • A Multipurpose Knife That Does It All

  • Not Recommended For Professionals

  • Bad Performance On Sushi Recipes

Final Views:

Although generally, I do not recommend a chef to purchase a cheaper knife as it is their major weapon. But for newbie’s, who are learning to be a chef, this is an affordable tool to sharpen their cooking skills.

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PAUDIN Japanese Knife

8. Zelite Infinity Chef Knife – Top-Rated Japanese Knife

Remarkable Japanese knives in the market, the Zelite infinity chef knife is truly one of its kind. Enclosed in a stainless steel blade, the knife has a vibrant pattern on the blade. Not only this, the small knob-like imprinting on the handle blends in fantastically with the overall look of the knife. To be honest, it is one of the most beautiful knives I have seen recently.

Some core features of the knife are below:

Features That You Need To Know:

Next Level Durability:

Stainless steel blade penetrates through rough meet patches with complete ease. The blades get their durability from the metal and it is the reason why the knife remains intact even after several years.

Compact Proper Handle:

I am a little picky when it comes to choosing a handle. Because, I believe that to achieve a proper cut, we have to have a comfortable grip on the handle. Now, with a solid ergonomic handle, the Zelite infinity knife will take your chopping and cutting skills to the next level.

Money-Back Guarantee:

Didn’t like the sharpness of the knife? Did you receive a faulty package? No reason to worry at all. The people at Zelite believe in taking care of their customers and for that every reason. They have set a money-back guarantee on the knife in case there are any defects.



  • One Of The Top-Rated Knives

  • A Compact Ergonomic Grip

  • Money-Back Guarantee

  • The Handmade Authentic Japanese Variant

  • Cuts Through Every Food Product

  • Expensive

  • No Other Major Issues

Final Views:

One of the most loved knives that we have today is the Zelite infinity Japanese knife. It is known for its durable stainless steel frame that makes it long-lasting for ages!

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Zelite Infinity Japanese Knife

9. DALSTRONG Chef’s Knife – Best DALSTRONG Japanese knife

Next up on our list is an all-purpose utility knife that performs exceptionally well when it comes to deeper cut. The knife has a rigged Damascus steel blade and a grippy handle which ensures a straighter cut every time. Now, what else does the best DALSTRONG Japanese knife offer for our valuable customers? Let’s find out below.

Some fantastic features that you need to know:

Features That You Need To Know:

Elite Cutting Performance:

Equipped with a ridiculously sharp scalpel-like edge the cutting performance of the knife is extraordinary. The knife remains in constant motion throughout the action and there are rarely any accidents observed while slicing food.

Forged With Damascus Steel:

The quality of DALSTRONG knives can be measured from the fact that these are forged with pure Damascus steel. Even after years of pushing the knife to the limit, the shine doesn’t disappear from the blade!

Lifetime Warranty:

Are you worried about purchasing the knife online? Do you want some extra assurance in case you want to return with a genuine reason? The manufacturer offers a lifetime guarantee which protects your investment.



  • Lifetime Warranty

  • Excellent Quality Control

  • Smooth And Stable Handle

  • Forged With Damascus Durable Steel

  • Uniform Weight Distribution For Clean Cuts

  • Ridiculously Sharp Scalpel-Like The Edge

  • Expensive

  • Size Maybe A Little Small For Some

Final Views:

It is an all-purpose utility knife that should be a must-have in your kitchen if you are a professional chef.

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DALSTRONG Ultimate Slicing Knife

10. DALSTRONG Nakiri Vegetable Knife – Best Japanese Knife For Vegetables

Last but not least is a veggie slayer that we have for you today. Although I would not limit the capabilities of the knife to just vegetables. It can do much more! The knife has an extra hardness and corrosion resistance performance. Now, what does it have in store? For that to know you will have to be hooked on our review below.

Some brilliant features that you need to know about the best Japanese knife for vegetables:

Features That You Need To Know:

Veggie Slayer:

A complete knife to have if you are into healthy eating. Chop your veggies within minutes with the best Japanese knife for vegetables that have a fantastic design and ruthless performance.

Durability Is Up to The Mark:

Keeping the tradition alive, this time DALSTRONG has come up with a 66 layered carbon stainless steel blade. The blade penetrates the toughest of multilayered veggies without any hassle.

Black G10 Handle:

For the knife to be successful in cutting through the veggies, it has to have a flexible grip. This black colored exquisite G10 handle has a non-slippery application to ensure that no pieces of vegetable survive.



  • Most Durable Knife On The List

  • Fans Love It

  • Nakiri Styled Knife For Vegetable Purposes

  • Forged With Damascus Super Steel

  • The Beautiful Non-Slippery G10 Handle

  • Costly Price

  • Requires Care For Rust Protection

Final Views:

What can I say this is an amazing piece of knife that has been crafted with extra care. The knife has a sturdy blade because of the 66 layers of carbon stainless steel metal. It allows has the perfect blade to pierce through the veggies.

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DALSTRONG Nakiri Vegetable Knife

Top 3


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Our Top 3 Picks Of The Day!

Investing In A Japanese Knife? Read Our Useful Buying Guide

As a westerner, you might be a little double-minded while investing in a Japanese knife. Although, they all appear to be attractive and contain plenty of features.

Today, I will take you to the drawing board with me! We will explore these Japanese knives further and bring forwards some buying tips for you. So, that you can make an investment decision peacefully!

What Makes Japanese Knives Superior To Traditional Western Ones?

Below are some of the distinguishing features that come with the Japanese cooking knives:

  • The handmade Japanese knife has the sharpest of blades that you can imagine in a knife! These blades are of the perfect length and thickness, so they ensure that every cut is precise and up to the mark.
  • What more is that majority of the Japanese knives are equipped with a single Bevel blade. You may be thinking what is the benefit associated with it? The importance of a single bevel blade is known for providing a precise slicing motion. Well, if you ever had an issue with irregular cuts then you should be ready to say goodbye to them.
  • The Japanese knives have a typical traditional touch within them. Made from the hands of professional craftsmen, the extra amount of effort that goes into forging a Japanese knife sets it apart.
  • The fact that a proper 8-inch Japanese knife pierces through a vegetable with the same sheerness as it does on a beefy slice of meat. It surely makes them one of the most versatile and multipurpose knives.

Types Of Japanese Knives:

Gyuto Japanese (Chef’s Knife):

A Japanese version of the classic western chef knife. The gyuto knife has a slightly thinner blade and a sharper edge.

Now, what are the ideal ways to use a gyuto knife one might be wondering? Well, the gyuto chef’s knife is known for chopping and in motion cutting.

Furthermore, these knives are typically lightweight in design and therefore it is ideal to use them on vegetables and for meat slicing.

It is ideal for beginners who are trying to get good at using a knife.

Japanese Nakiri Knife:

Characterized by its straighter blade, the Nakiri Japanese knife has made a name when it comes to cutting long and stiff veggies.

Now, as per experts, it is preferable to use different knives for different sorts of foods. If you are going to cut a lot of vegetables daily. It is surely a great knife to invest in.

Small Knife:

Smaller in size but versatile in application. The Japanese petty knife is used on all grounds.

The ultimate utility knife has the perfect blade and handles to pierce through all sorts of goodies.

Things To Look Out For When Buying A Japanese Knife!

1. Comfortable Hand Grip:

Never compromise on the handle of your Japanese knife. Always go for a handle that gives a maximum surface area to the hand so that it firmly grips the knife. Because, if you will take a gamble on a cheaper knife, it may come with a subpar handle. This can ultimately bite you back and you will remain stuck with a sticky slipper knife.

One of the premium handles that is seen on a Japanese knife is the African rosewood handle. It provides pure comfort and an ergonomic grip to your palm. This ultimately makes chopping, slicing, and mincing as easy as a pie.

2. Lightweight Knife:

There is no reason to be surprised why would you be needing a lightweight knife. As a chef, you are more than likely going to be on the kitchen floor for long shifts.

Now, imagine if you have to go through chopping, slicing, and cuttings tons of food every day with a big bulky knife! Your hands are going to get overworked and eventually fatigued. Rather with a lightweight knife, not only will your productivity improve. But those bad and sticky cuts will also come naturally under the knife’s blade.

3. Durability Stats:

Almost all of the Japanese kitchen knives we have on our list have one thing in common among them. These are forged from the sturdiest of metals. It is also a major reason why these high-end Japanese knives are extra expensive.

With a solid stainless steel blade or a carbon steel alloy construction. The machine continues to provide regular top-notch cuts for years to come.

4. Uniform Weight Distribution:

When you are looking into this side of the world! The eastern knives are not only about authenticity and sublime designs.

These are specially handcrafted and tested time after time throughout the manufacturing period. You may be thinking what is the reason for such an extensive quality control mechanism? Well, the Japanese knife has the most uniform weight distribution from handle to the tip. To maintain precise cuts that are accurate on all food products, the uniform weight distribution aspect plays a major role.

5. Sharpness Of Edge:

As a knife lover, it feels amazing to see squeaky clean cuts every time I am on the chopping board. Now, what could bring troublesome on the chopping board? A dull knife that doesn’t have even 5% of the sharpness required for splendid meat cuts.

To avoid any inconvenience, you can keep enjoying working with a Japanese knife that has sharper edges and perfect blade size. This will promote clean and pure cuts no matter what food product you are experimenting on.

6. Budget Range:

The beauty of the list of Japanese cooking knives that we have presented in front of you is that. These come with a flexible budget range.

You can purchase whatever knife you wish we have items ranging from 20$ to 150$! If you are a beginner, there is no shame in picking a knife on the cheaper side. However, for professionals, we have our recommended some knives that stand out from the rest. These do come with a hefty price tag though!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best Japanese knife of 2021?

Oxford Chef Knife is the Best Japanese Knife 2021. It comes with a stainless steel blade and a comfortable hand grip for spectacular cuts.

What is the best Japanese knife for the money?

FAMCÜTE Japanese Knife is the best Japanese for the money. It has an amazingly user-friendly handle grip and a sharper-edged blade that cuts through everything with eyes closed!

What is the specialty of a Japanese cooking knife?

The Japanese knives have a typical traditional eastern touch in them. These are made from the hands of professional craftsmen, which put an extra amount of effort into forging them. This ultimately sets them apart from the rest.

My Last Two Cents:

It’s time to add a colorful Japanese knife to your collection. Our compiled list has a variety of Japanese knives. I hope that after going through the review of each knife and their most notable features, you will be able to pick up the knife that is tailor-made for you.