Top 10 Best Sushi and Sashimi Knives Rated for 2021

It’s a fact that Japanese foods like Sushi or Sashimi require a great deal of slicing, which is simply not possible with an ordinary life. That said, by getting yourself the best sushi knife, it would be easier for you to cut and slice sushi rolls or sashimi with accuracy and neatness.

Sushi knives are not typical at all. For starters, these knives have a one-sided edge. Besides the tip of such knives is made extremely sharp to make the slicing and cutting as convenient as possible.

Getting a perfect sushi knife is thus the need for an hour and we are here to help you out in this matter. That said, with extensive research, positive customer feedback, and hours of experimentation, we’ve carved off a list of some top-notch sushi knives for you.

So, let’s take a look at the best knives for sushi as follows:

1. DALSTRONG Ultimate Slicing Knife – Best Multipurpose Sushi Knife Of 2021

Starting with none other than DALSTRONG which is regarded as one of the finest knife brands in the market. The knives that this manufacturer produces are extremely sharp and are suitable for multiple applications at the same time. In similar context, the first expressions about DALSTRONG Ultimate Slicing Knife are absolutely smooth. For starters, the best sushi knife has an aesthetic appeal and it looks pretty good while you are holding it. Besides, the cutting qualities are well up to the mark. From Sushi to Sashimi to cutting fine slices of meat, there is nothing that this knife can’t do. From the price perspective, the knife is quite expensive. That is, it’s been priced at around 120 bucks which is simply way too costly. However, that’s what you have to spend to get the best value from a sushi knife.

Some important features regarding the top-rated sushi knife are as follows:

Key Features You Must Know:

Multipurpose Working Interface:

First things first, one of the best knives available in the market has multipurpose use. That said, the special cutting-edge breakthrough technology being used in the knife enables it to slice meat, sushi, sashimi, or vegetables like a charm.

Extraordinary Cutting Performance:

DALSTRONG is capable of making everyone fall in love with the way it crafts the sushi knives. For instance, the Ultimate Slicing Knife comes with an extra sharp head that can be utilized to penetrate different food products without any issue. Not only that, but the nitrogen-cooled blade of the knife is what allows it to remain away from sticking while cutting salmon or sushi with discreteness.

Extremely Durable:

On the other hand, there is no doubt about the durability of this Sushi knife. It has got a premium Japanese super cutting steel core that ensures a 10/10 performance whether you are making Sushi or Sashimi.

Offers a Superior Hand Control:

Other than that, DALSTRONG ultimate slicing knife does come with a G-10 handle which is made from military-grade materials to retain its shape. In addition, it also ensures a superior grip and will keep your hand away from slipping while you are indulged in cutting veggies or meat.

Money Back Guarantee:

Last but not the least, one of the reasons I’ve listed DALSTRONG super sharp knife on the top of the list is that it ensures customer satisfaction. In case you are not happy with the knife, you can claim a refund within a 90-days period which is simply amazing.



  • Perfect For Sushi

  • Ruthless Scalpel Edge

  • Helps To Carve Meat From Bone Like A Charm

  • Long-Lasting Japanese Super Steel Cutting Edge

  • Perfect For Professional Japanese Chefs

  • Offers A Money-Back Guarantee

  • Extremely Expensive

  • Not Suitable For Beginners

  • No Other Major Issues

Final Views:

DALSTRONG Ultimate Slicing Knife is indeed the jack of all trades especially when it comes to cutting anything with 100$ accuracy and precision. I’d be suggesting you to consider it especially if you are a professional Sushi chef.

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DALSTRONG Ultimate Slicing Knife

2. Lucky Cook Sushi Knife – Best Long Sushi Knife 2021

Up next on our list is a knife that is specifically meant for cutting sushi without any sticking issues. Yeah, I’m talking about Lucky Cook Sushi Knife that is already taking the world by a storm. That said, the knife, first of all, is long enough. It, thus ensures an accurate cutting interface be it sushi, sashimi, salmon, or any other meat type. Apart from other features, the way it’s packed in a traditional wooden box is way too aesthetic as compared to the sushi knife we mentioned above. Lucky Cook has made sure that the knife meets the demands of professional chefs and that’s the reason it has made this accessory as sharp as possible. As per my personal experience, I never had any sticking issues while cutting Sushi at home. Not only that but the reason I purchased it was its extremely reasonable price tag. I mean, 30 bucks is nothing as compared to the sushi knife that we mentioned above.

Some important features regarding the best long sushi knife are as follows:

Important Features You Must Know:

Long and Narrow Blade:

Frustrated with not being able to carve off meat or slices of meat without damaging its structure? You should consider Lucky Cook Sushi Knife in this regard as it comes with a long and narrow yet extremely sharp blade.

Combination of Sharpness Balance and Superior Grip:

What this Japanese sushi knife offers is a combination of balance and superior grip while cutting delicate food products. Be it a salmon, fish fillet, or a normal meat fillet, the knife won’t disappoint you at all.

Ensures Improved Cutting Skills:

Keep in mind that this knife is designed in such a way that it can improve your cutting skills drastically. With a one-sided cutting edge and an ultra-sharp cutting head, you’d be able to enjoy slicing different meat products with diligence and care.

No Doubts about Durability:

Premium carbon steel has been used in the knife to make it work longer than expected. Once purchased, the sushi knife from Lucky Cook Store would be there to help you out in cutting and slicing different meat types for many years to come.

Suitable for Beginners:

New to cooking or cutting sushi? If that’s the case then you should get yourself this Sushi Knife at all costs. Believe me, it will enhance the way you slice off large meat chunks and will help you to become more professional with time.



  • Long And Narrow Cutting Edge

  • Durable Carbon Steel Construction

  • Offers A Superior Hand Grip

  • Perfect For Cutting Sushi Without Any Sticking

  • Doesn’t Alter The Structure Of Sushi

  • Extremely Affordable

  • Wooden Handle Is Not Too Durable

  • Sharpness Fades After Some Time

  • Poor Customer Service

Final Views:

Lucky Cook Store with one of the finest sushi knives in the market can literally improve the way you cut sushi or sashimi. It’s a perfect choice for peeps who are new to slicing fillets and other meat products. So, check it out before it gets out of stock.

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Lucky Cook Sushi Knife

3. DALSTRONG Kiritsuke – Most Decorative Sushi Knife for the Money

DALSTRONG never stops to amaze us be it an ultimate slicing knife or an aesthetic one. For instance, the brand new Kiritsuke is specifically designed for those who want to take pleasure in cutting extremely discrete meat slices or sushi rolls without any hassle. Starting with some basics, the matte black finish of the knife already makes it a perfect choice for professional chefs. Not only that, but the utilization of different technologies by the manufacturer easily makes Kiritsuke as one of the best sushi knives available in the market. As far as the price is concerned, you’d be getting this knife in no more than 70 bucks which is quite justified. To simply put, it should be a priority for you especially if you want to work with full agility while not compromising on the aesthetics of the workspace at all.

Some notable features regarding the best Japanese sushi knife are as follows:

Key Features You Should Know:

Sleek and Aggressive Working Interface:

First things first, one of the finest Kiritsuke knives ensures a slim and sleek yet aggressive and muscular working interface. That said, you can cut sushi sashimi or a salmon with due accuracy and precision easily.

Nitrogen Cooled Blade:

On the other hand, one thing that fascinated me the most regarding the best knife for sushi is that it’s been nitrogen cooled. This option enhances the harness and flexibility of the knife. As a result, it becomes convenient for chefs to make a salmon or fish fillet or cut sushi without any hassle.

Ruthless Cutting Edge:

Similarly, the cutting edge is as ruthless and sharp as it can get. It’s been specifically crafted by DALSTRONG by making use of Honbazuke method. Hence, the superb sharpness of the knife would allow you to enjoy a sleek cutting experience.

Extremely Durable and Sturdy:

Last but not the least, there are no compromises on the durability of Kiritsuke sushi knife. That is, the use of premium carbon super steel along with special vacuum treatment makes this knife resistant to harsh environments.



  • Aesthetic Shape And Design

  • Nitrogen Cooled For Increased Flexibility

  • 15° Cutting Edge For Immense Accuracy

  • Long-Lasting Working Interface

  • Military-Grade G10 Handle For Superior Grip

  • Cut Sushi And Sashimi With Uniqueness

  • Not Recommended For Beginners

  • Not Narrow Enough

  • Molds Might Be An Issue

Final Views:

The Kiritsuke knife from DALSTRONG shows the dominance of the manufacturer in the knife industry for sure. Priced at less than 70 bucks, you must consider this knife to cut the sushi rolls without damaging its structure.

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DALSTRONG Kiritsuke Knife

4. Kitchen + Home Sushi Knife – Cheapest Sushi Knife for Beginners

The Kitchen + Home Sushi Knife with a price tag of no more than 10 bucks is indeed the cheapest knife available in the market and on our list as well. I mean, 10 dollar price tag is not enough to describe how elegantly the knife’s been designed. The brand has done a splendid job in ensuring due sharpness and narrowness of the knife. Hence, it’d help you cut sushi rolls and sashimi as smoothly as you are cutting butter. In addition to other features, what I loved the most about this knife is its durable construction. That said, no matter what kind of slice you want to make, Kitchen + Home Sushi Knife would be there to assist you without any hassle.

Some important features that this sushi knife offers are as follows:

Key Features You Need to Know:

Simple yet Sophisticated:

Well, if we take a look at the overall design of this knife, it will seem ordinary and simple as compared to other brands we mentioned above. However, even with such a simple design, this knife is capable of offering an ultra-sharp cutting experience.

Multipurpose Use:

In addition to that, the multipurpose use of the knife could not be ignored at all. Be it the sushi rolls, sashimi preparation, salmon fillet, or slicing chunks from boned meat, the cheapest Sushi Knife won’t be disappointing you for a long time.

Long and Non Sticking Working Interface:

One thing that has made me fall in love with Kitchen + Home sushi knife is that it has got a long 13”. It can easily penetrate deep inside to make accurate and discrete cuts without any worries. Besides, you can also enjoy cutting multiple sushi rolls without any sticking.

Stainless Steel Construction:

Last but not the least, one of the best budget sushi knives have got a stainless steel construction. Therefore, you can expect a long-lasting cutting operation as it could be utilized in multiple places.

Suitable for Beginners:

Last but not the least, the way that this sushi knife is made makes it a perfect choice for beginners and newbies. So, in case you want to gain experience in carving meat with accuracy, you should not ignore this knife at all.



  • Offers Superior Grip

  • Long 13” Cutting Blade Penetrates Deep Inside

  • Cuts Sushi Without Crushing Or Tearing It

  • Non-Sticking Cutting Interface

  • Suitable For Newbie And Beginner Chefs

  • Extremely Affordable

  • Design Is Way Too Simple

  • Cutting Head Is Not Shaped Properly

  • Might Get Stuck In Huge Meat Chunks

Final Views:

There is nothing better than being able to cut sushi accurately and the knife from K+H offers this option with an extremely reasonable price tag. So, check this knife out before it’s too late.

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Kitchen Home Non-Stick Sushi Knife

5. KYOKU Samurai Series – Best Yanagiba Sushi Knife 2021

The Samurai Series from KYOKU is already getting the spotlight, which is quite deserving as the knife literally has a state of the art design and shape. For starters, it’s extremely thin, superbly sharp, and designed ergonomically to offer a superior hand grip. In addition, the sushi knife even with so many features and qualities is available in a mere price tag of less than 40 bucks. It’s way too surprising to see the Samurai Series knife priced so low. That’s the reason I must recommend you to invest in this knife especially if you have to cut sushi or sashimi in daily routine. Finally, what impressed me the most about this sharp sushi knife is that it ensures an extensive and delicate cutting experience no matter what type of food are you cutting with it.

Some notable features regarding the top-rated Yanagiba sushi knife are as follows:

Notable Features You Must Know:

Superior Steel Construction:

You should not underestimate the credibility of Samurai Series at all. That said, it’s been made with premium Japanese steel. Along with that, elements like Cobalt, and cryogenically treatment makes the blade extremely sharp and durable at the same time. Yanagiba knives simply thrive when it comes to cutting edge sharpness retention and the same case applies here.


On the other hand, the sushi knife for professionals is designed in such a way that it will ensure complete balance while slicing meat or cutting sushi. Plus, there won’t be any fatigue or pain on your fingers no matter for how long are you slicing the fillets.

Superior and Durable Handle:

Talking of the handle, it’s been made with Wenge Wood material which is durable, sturdy, and has a long-lasting effect at the same time. Mind you that the handle is completely round and will ensure a superior non-slipping grip at the same time.

Ruthless Sharpness:

One of the reasons I like this sushi knife is that it comes with ruthless sharpness. The blade is being sharped multiple times with multiple accessories so that you can carve off meat off an object without disturbing its overall structure.



  • Best Yanagiba Sushi Knife

  • Cuts Sushi Without Sticking

  • Long And Narrow Cutting Edge

  • Suitable For Making Fillets

  • Keeps The Hands And Fingers Away From Fatigue

  • No Storing Case Included

  • Wooden Handle Can Get Rough At Times

  • Poor Customer Support

Final Views:

KYOKU Samurai Series tends to be the sushi knife that can make your life much easier and hassle-free. It’s a must-have cutting tool for the peeps who are unable to maintain the shape of sushi while cutting it.

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KYOKU Samurai Japanese Sushi Sashimi Knives

6. FAMCÜTE Japanese Knife – Best Knife for Cutting Sushi Rolls

The sushi knife from FAMCUTE means serious business as it’s capable of offering a multitasking cutting experience. That being said, as far as my experience with this knife is concerned, I’ve been using it to cut sushi rolls for quite some time now. To be really honest, it does give off aesthetic vibes and helps to cut the rolls without diminishing its structure at all. As far as other features are concerned, the knife is meant for slicing discrete meat chunks without any hassle. All this at a mere price of around 50 bucks is a win-win deal for peeps who face issues in cutting sushi rolls effectively. Getting it would surely improve the way you cut sushi or sashimi to a greater extent as I’m saying this based on what I experienced.

Some important features regarding the best knife for cutting sushi rolls are as follows:

Key Features You Must Know:

Ergonomic Design:

Measuring no more than 8”, this sushi knife is specifically designed to make the lives of chefs as convenient as possible. That said, there won’t be any fatigue or pain in fingers even if you are cutting salmon or sushi for a long time.

Made from Premium Japanese Steel:

On the other hand, the best sushi knife for professional chefs is made up of special Japanese steel which is extremely sharp, durable, and non-corrosive at the same time. Hence, you’d enjoy a thorough slicing experience without any hassle.

Perfect Balance of Weight:

Last but not the least, the knife ensures a comfortable and complete balance of your weight while cutting delicate food products. Therefore, the cuts you make will be precise and accurate at the same time.



  • Ergonomic Design

  • 8” Long Blade For Perfect Cutting Experience

  • Suitable For Cutting Sushi Rolls Without Sticking

  • Superbly Sharp Cutting Edge Penetrates Easily

  • Offers A Super Comfortable Grip

  • Balanced Cutting Experience

  • Blade Ain’t Long Enough

  • A Bit Rusty

  • Blade Might Get Detached From Handle

Final Views:

Even though some minor tweaks are there with the knife, one simply can’t ignore its ability to cut different meat slices with accuracy and precision. So, getting it would be fruitful for you especially if you are interested in preparing different Japanese food.

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FAMCUTE Sushi Knife

7. IMARKU Yanagiba Knife – Best Sushi and Sashimi Knife

This Yanagiba knife from IMARKU is meant for busy chefs who are slicing sashimi or cutting sushi rolls at a constant rate. To avoid any error or injury while cutting meat slices, it’d be better for you to consider this Yanagiba knife from IMARKU. Why? Because, first of all, it’s long and narrow enough. On the other hand, it can cut delicate food products with least pressure. Lastly, the edge is designed in such a way that it would keep your fingers safe from injuries even if you are working at a fast pace. IMARKU sushi knife, at last, is available in a price tag of around 70 bucks which is quite affordable considering how overpowered the knife is.

Let’s take a look at some of the features that the best sushi knife offers:

Key Features You Should Know:

Effective Cutting Edge:

The cutting edge of the knife won’t get rusty or corroded no matter for how long you are using the knife.

Stainless Steel Construction:

In addition to that, the blade of the knife’s been made up of high quality carbon stainless steel to ensure durability and flexibility at the same time.

Offers Comfort:

Last but not the least, IMARKU Yanagiba knife ensures due comfort and less fatiguing cutting experience. It’s been designed in such a way that you’d be able to keep up with your tasks without any discomfort in your hands.



  • High Carbon Stainless Steel Construction

  • Affordable Price Tag

  • Cutting Edge Won’t Get Rust Easily

  • Suitable For Sushi, Sashimi, And Salmon Fillet

  • Offers A Non-Slippery Grip

  • Not Suitable For Newbies

  • No Other Major Issues

Final Views:

IMARKU Yanagiba knife should be a priority for you in case you are working at a Japanese restaurant and need the services of a sharp knife all the time.

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Sashimi Sushi Knife

8. Kai Wasabi Yanagiba Knife – Best Sushi Knife for Beginners

Kai Wasabi Yanagiba Knife is the latest addition to our list. This sushi knife, first of all, is made for the peeps who want to try out their sushi or sashimi cutting skills. Not only that, but you can also get this knife if your family is a Sushi lover. All that’s been said. Kai Wasabi’s sushi knife does justice with the price tag it has got and it’s evident from the way it cuts delicate food products.

Key Features You Should Know:

For Ultra-Thin Slicing:

For starters, the best sushi and sashimi knife has a Japanese Yanagiba design which ensures an ultra-thin cutting experience.

Single Sided Blade Design:

The single side blade design of the knife makes it easier for you to cut sushi rolls without torturing its structure at all.

Dishwasher Safe:

Lastly, the sushi knife is dishwasher safe meaning you can wash or rinse it in a dishwasher without affecting its sharpness.



  • Yanagiba Design For Cutting Sashimi

  • Suitable For Beginners

  • Available At An Affordable Price Tag

  • Handle Isn’t Durable

  • Average Packaging

Final Views:

Getting the Yanagiba Sushi Knife from Kai Wasabi will improve the way you cut sushi or sashimi. So, consider it especially if you are low on budget.

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Kai Wasabi Yanagiba Knife

9. Nego Sashimi Sushi Knife – Carbon Stainless Steel Construction

Next sushi knife that we are about to discuss comes from a famous brand, i.e. Nego. Well, as far as its design and shape is concerned, it’s way too unique as compared to other sushi knives we mentioned above. The sharpness and cutting edge’s quality is well up to the mark for a thorough sushi and sashimi cutting experience. All in all, it’s quite an ideal choice for chefs who can’t afford expensive sushi knives at all.

Important Features You Should Know:

Versatile Use:

A sushi knife, first of all, has multipurpose use. It can be utilized for filleting, cutting sushi, or making salmon fillets without any hassle.

Superior Blade:

In addition, the razor sharp blade of the knife is what makes it ruthless in cutting and slicing multiple meat chunks at once.

Ergonomic Handle:

Lastly, Nego Sashimi Sushi Knife has got a premium grip handle that ensures comfort and a non-slippery cutting experience as well.



  • Perfect For Filleting

  • Razor Sharp Blade

  • Extremely Durable And Sturdy

  • Affordable Price Tag

  • Meant For Beginners Only
  • Not Suitable For Professionals

Final Views:

Get yourself the best Nego Sushi Sashimi Knife if you are missing out on opportunity to cut different meat pieces with delicacy and accuracy.

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Nego Sashimi Sushi Knife

10. PAUDIN Slicing Knife – Best Sushi Knife Under 50

Finally, the last sushi knife on our list is from PAUDIN. Let me tell you that we’d be heading towards the buying guide of getting a sushi knife after getting done with this slicing tool first. For starters, the knife is a perfect option for newbies and amateurs. Besides, with its sharp edge, it’d be easier for you to cut accurate sushi rolls without any hassle.

Important Features You Must Know:

Rust-Resistant Cutting Edge:

The sushi knife from Paudin comes with a rust-resistant cutting edge which will allow you to cut a variety of delicate food products with ease and convenience.

Durable Construction:

The high quality steel being used in the slicing knife ensures a long-lasting effect. Besides, the sharpness won’t fade away for a long time as well.

Non-Sticking Blade:

Finally, the blade is completely non-sticking. Hence, it would be convenient for you to cut sushi rolls without damaging its structure.



  • 8” Long Knife For Sushi Cutting

  • Durable And Sturdy

  • Razor Sharp Blade

  • Not Meant For Restaurants

  • No Other Major Issues

Final Views:

Getting this special slicing knife from PAUDIN would make it easier for you to improve your sushi cutting skills drastically.

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PAUDIN Sashimi Knife

Top 3


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Top 3 Recommendations:

Based on expert opinion, positive customer feedback, and what my personal experience says, the top 3 picks are as follows:

Buyer’s Guide About the Best Sushi Knives of 2021

Getting a knife that is meant to make delicate and smooth cuts is never an easy task. Besides, many homeowners are already confused that why they would need a sushi knife if a typical knife can do the same job.

That’s why I’m here to talk about all these misconceptions and confusions in this buying guide. I hope that I’d be able to satisfy you to get a sushi knife for a better cutting interface.

Let’s dive, without any further ado:

Why Do You Need a Sushi Knife?

Some reasons to support my stance of getting a sushi knife are as follows:

1. First things first, an ordinary knife isn’t capable of cutting sushi accurately as it doesn’t possess a sharp enough cutting edge.

2. Secondly, a sushi knife is mostly designed with a one-sided edge that keeps it away from sticking to keep the sushi shape as perfect as possible.

3. Thirdly, a sushi knife comes with an ergonomic handle which ensures a comfortable and fatigue-free cutting experience without any pain and injury.

4. Second last, a sushi knife comes with precision slicing which is something unachievable with a typical kitchen knife.

5. Last but not least, a sushi knife is made up of high quality stainless steel that keeps it away from rust and corrosion to enhance cutting. This option; however, is not so common in a typical knife.

So, these are all reasons to choose a Japanese sushi knife while keeping the typical kitchen knife for other cutting chores.

Different Types of Sushi Knives:

Yanagiba Sushi Knife:

The first and most common type of sushi knife is Yanagiba. It is a long narrow sushi knife with a one sided cutting edge, which ensures a smooth cutting experience without any hassle.

One thing that a Yanagiba sushi knife offers the best is a long-lasting cutting edge. The life of this knife does not matter, its edge will remain extra sharp.

Mind you that Yanagiba knives are extremely affordable as you can get them within a $100 budget.


Deba-Bocho is not an ordinary sushi knife. It has got a heavy-duty construction and is extremely sharp. In fact, it’s sharp to such an extent that you won’t find this type anywhere except professional Japanese restaurants.
Moving on, Deba-Bocho sushi knife does offer a smooth and delicate cutting experience. It’s mostly used to carve off meat from cartilage or from the bone. It’s so sharp that you won’t any leftover on the bone after you are done with carving.
These types of knives are mostly used by professional Japanese chefs and they are way too expensive as compared to Yanagiba sushi knives.


Finally, the last type of sushi knife available in the market comes in between the sharpness of Deba-Bocho and Yanagiba knives. These type of knives are mostly used to peel vegetables or fruits with accuracy.
However, you can also utilize these knives to cut sushi carefully and with full accuracy.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Sushi Knife:

Some important features that you must never ignore while choosing a sushi knife are as follows:

1. Sharpness of Cutting Edge:

Mind you that the reason you’d need a sushi knife is that most of the traditional knives aren’t sharp from the edge. That being said, with a super sharp cutting edge, slicing sushi or making fillets will become much easier than you could expect.

For that purpose, what you should do would be to invest in a sushi knife that has a long size. Not only that, but it should be narrow enough to make sure that the cutting edge is extremely sharp.

You can easily get a better idea of knives with sharp cutting edges from the list I’ve mentioned above.

2. Non-Slippery and Ergonomic Grip:

Next important thing that matters the most regarding getting a sushi knife is that it must offer comfort and less fatigue.

That’s because most of the time, you’d have to work in a restaurant as a chef where you’d have to manage the cutting of sushi or sashimi at a higher rate.

So, if you don’t pay heed to this feature, then there’d be a good chance to get tired or fatigued.

What you should do in this regard would be to get a knife that comes with an ergonomic design. The handle must be grippy enough to avoid slipping problems at all costs.

3. Durability Matters:

Another important factor that you should never miss out on while choosing a sushi knife is its durability.

Most of the sushi knives are either made with high carbon steel or stainless steel. Both these materials are perfect for long-term use. However, in my recommendation, you should be getting a knife that has got a high carbon steel construction.

In this way, you’d be able to enjoy a hassle-free sushi cutting experience with due accuracy and precision respectively.

4. Knife Case:

Before you make a final decision, it’d be better to look that whether it’s available with a knife case or not.

You know what happens most of the time is that without a proper case, the sushi knife can get mixed up with typical knives that will impact its sharpness.

Therefore, it’s extremely necessary to keep this specific sushi knife in a storing case so that it can retain its sharpness and durability at the same time.

5. Budget Matters:

Last but not the least, budget also matters. A top-notch sushi knife will cost you anything around 100 to 120 bucks.

However, it doesn’t mean that cheap knives aren’t capable of doing anything. I’ve mentioned many cheap knives that are capable of offering a sharp cutting experience with an affordable budget.

So, the choice is yours to make that whether you go for an expensive sushi knife or an affordable one.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Some important features that you must never ignore while choosing a sushi knife are as follows:

1. What is the Best Sushi Knife?

DALSTRONG Ultimate Slicing Knife is undoubtedly the best sushi knife available on our list as it has got an elegant design, superb sharpness, and a ruthless cutting edge at the same time.

2. What kind of knife is used for Sushi

A sushi knife, most of the time has a one-sided cutting edge. Besides, it’s long and narrow enough to penetrate deep inside. Besides, the grip it offers is superior and comfortable at the same time.

3. What is the best budget Sushi Knife?

Kitchen + Home Sushi Knife is the cheapest sushi knife available in the market as it offers immense cutting options at a mere price of around 10 bucks.

Some Last Words:

If cutting sushi elegantly and precisely is an art, the best sushi knife would be its Picasso. With that said, I’d advise you to go through the list I’ve mentioned above and make your decision accordingly.