1. Hamilton Beach 70730 – Best Food Processor For Hard Vegetables

Starting our reviews we have one of the fan favorites in front of our eyes. The food processor has a simple design that is quite practical. It is lightweight in design and compact in dimensions. In terms of tools, all of the blades and discs it offers are furnished from stainless steel. Nevertheless, it has a highly impressive 450W dual speed power motor as well. We will dig into its features in a minute.

Some nice features about the best food processors for hard vegetables are below:

Features That You Need To Know

Large Feed Chute For Accommodating Veggies

Precisely designed to fit whole foods and vegetables. The large feed chute on Hamilton beach 70730 has an amazing capability of shredding and chopping massive foods.

Stainless Steel Blades For Precise Cuts

Well, you may not require a stainless steel blade for softer vegetables. But, it is for sure that a stainless steel blade and the disc is a must if you have to prep harder vegetables like ginger or celery.

Variable Speed Modes

Another notable aspect of the best food processors for vegetables is its variable speed modes. Now you can easily chop the vegetables by simply putting them in and using the required speed mode.

10 Cup Capacity

With an improved cup capacity, Hamilton beach 70730 provides a full meal prep experience. You do not have to wait to refill the cup again with food as you have the spacious bowl already installed in it. This saves a lot of prep time and also prevents the food processor from creating a mess.



  • Fan-Favorite
  • Affordable Price Tag

  • Easy Operate

  • Large Feed Chute Accommodates Whole Foods

  • Dual Speed Modes For Proper Functionality

  • Simple Practical Design

  • 10 Cup Spacious Bowl Size

  • The Lid Gets Stuck Sometimes

  • Bad Performance With Smoothies

Final Views:

It is an ideal food processor for chopping up vegetables and making salads in the process.

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Hamilton Beach 70730

2. KitchenAid KFP0718ER – Best Food Processor Under 100$

KitchenAid has been producing some remarkable best food processors for a while now. While most people are a fan of their compact design, that is easily portable and practical. I on the other hand, like what they offer on the meal preparation table. With a 7 cup size bowl and extremely sharp blades. The food processor can do everything related to food prep. We will dissect its quirks in front of you folks in a minute.

Some nice features about the best food processor under 100 are below:

Features That You Need To Know

Easy To Store Design

I wouldn’t hesitate in saying that this might be the most compact and stable designed food processor I have seen in a while. The food processor can easily be stored in the kitchen cabinet. This not only enhances the practicality aspect of the food processor. But it also makes the meal prep experience fun and free of any hassle.

Multi Size Discs

Now, that’s what I am talking about. You have your large size discs for meal prepping hard vegetables. Your medium sized discs can shred the cheese without any hassle. Besides, the smaller discs come in handy for chopping softer vegetables into equal proportions.

3 Speed Power Options

Many food processors have outstanding power. But they do not offer versatile speeds with them. This, in turn, limits the user’s meal prepping abilities. The best food processor under 100$ takes things a step further as it has 3 variable speed options built inside it for proper meal prep.

Stainless Steel Blade Material

Your food preparation highly depends on the chopping and slicing blades present inside the food processor. If there are mediocre blades installed in a food processor I would never recommend getting one. Meanwhile, this food processor has stainless steel blades which are all about proper slicing and chopping of the food.



  • Affordable Price Tag

  • Multi-Sized Discs

  • Stainless Steel Blades

  • 3-Speed Options

  • Comes With A Great Instruction Manual

  • Excellent For Chopping Veggies

  • Easy To Store Design

  • Underpowered (250W)

  • No Other Major Issues

Final Views:

It is one of that food processors that can properly chop foods into smaller pieces. The blades on this thing work like magic, in the cutting department.

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KitchenAid KFP0718ER Food Processor

3. Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770 –Most Reliable Food Processor

The name speaks for the performance itself. It is not just a food processor, it is something mega! This one is capable of doing much more than your average food processor. Not only does it chop your veggies, shred some cheeses. But it can also become a drink factory on command. How is that possible? Well, you will find out in a minute when we unveil some important features of this beautiful machine.

Some great features about the most reliable food processor are given below:

Features That You Need To Know

Unrivaled Power

The power stats on the food processors are remarkable. It is no hidden fact that the best food processors only show amazing performance if they are backed by a crazy powered motor. This one right here has a brand new upgraded 1500W power motor that can knead the dough, chop hard veggies and do almost everything possible on a kitchen table.

Impeccable Design

The most reliable food processor has won the hearts of thousands of people from around the globe. It is the perfectly engineered design on the food processor that embeds a 72-ounce pitcher inside it. Because of this proper pitcher, people love making smoothies on this food processor alongside the meal prep.

Multiple Bowls Means More Options

On one side, the food processor has two large 16 cup sized bowls that are excellent for making fresh juices. While on the other hand, the 8 cup bowls have jaw-dropping performances in the dough making department. All, in all you are in for a meal prep ride when you invest in this food processor.

Meal Prep’s Everything

When I mean everything, it seriously does help in meal preparation of literally everything. It is because; the food processor has incredible stainless steel discs that crush the food to the desired sizes. Not only this, but it also comes in with some amazing cooking recipes.



  • Multiple Cups Inside The Machine

  • 72 Ounce Pitcher Size For Smoothies

  • Incredible Dough Mixing Abilities

  • Dishwasher Safe Parts

  • Top-Rated Among Fans

  • Easy To Clean Design

  • 1500W Base Power With 4 Power Options

  • Not Suitable For Beginners

  • Bad Customer Support

Final Views:

Designed for portability purposes and engineered for a complete meal prep experience; this food processor is highly suitable for professional chefs and home-based cooks.

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Ninja BL770 Mega Blender with Food Processor Bowl

4. Hamilton Beach 70725A – Best Food Processor For Fruits

No 4 on our list is an exquisite black colored food processor that can handle some hard fruits. The food processor has a powerful 3-speed mode 450W motor which can make puree within minutes. In addition to this, the spacious 12 cup capacity means that you are getting a full-sized food processor only for around 50 bucks. We will also share its other features below:

Some notable features about the best food processors for fruits are below:

Features That You Need To Know

Versatile Speed Modes

With this food processor, the versatility of performance is everything. Now, you can blend your favorite fruits within minutes by simply pressing the required power button present on the front-facing side.

Portable & Compact Design

Another great thing about this amazing food processor is its space-saving design. The food processor can fit in a bucket, let alone a full-sized backpack!

Large Feed Chute

The large feed chute on the best food processors for fruits can accommodate massive foods without any hassle. This saves you essential prep time.



  • Space-Saving Design

  • Easy To Assemble Design

  • 12 Cup Capacity Bowl Size

  • 450W Triple-Speed Motor

  • Stainless Steel Blades For Slicing

  • Stainless Steel Discs For Chopping And Shredding

  • A Little Flimsy

  • Hard To Fetch Replacement Parts

Final Views:

It is an ideal food processor for someone who likes food preparation involving the use of fruits and nuts.

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Hamilton Beach 70725A Food Processor

5. Oster FPSTFP1355 – Best Oster Food Processor

Don’t judge a book by its cover is a saying of the past. I would say, don’t judge the best food processors by their price tag. This particular bad boy that we have for you is a performance beast. Not only does it have proper stainless steel blades for shredding and slicing purposes. But it also supplies around 500W of power for dedicated meal preparation tasks. Want to know that the price tag of this budget food processor? What are its key features which you might want in an upgrade? Well, we will share everything with you in a minute.

Some nice features about the best Oster food processor are given below:

Features That You Need To Know

Enough Power In This Price Range

First things first, it would be an injustice to look past the power stats on the food processor. Because power is of quite an importance when we are judging a budget food processor. This one right here; only costs around 30 bucks. But it still has an astonishing 500W power to offer with two variable speeds.

Versatile Meal Prep

The best Oster food processor is not limited by any means. The food processor has its fair share of performance in every aspect. Do you want to knead the dough properly for a pizza party? Well, simply follow the instruction and it has got you covered. Or would you like some veggie prep? Just pour the veggies inside and you will be done within minutes.

Stainless Steel Parts

Not only is the juicer fairly powered. But it also has stainless steel parts; from its shredding, chopping discs to the blade. All the parts are furnished with stainless steel for proper and precise cuts of food that turn out to be of restaurant quality.

5’’ Large Mouth Feed Chute

Do you have a bad experience with a food processor as it didn’t accommodate some massive veggies inside it? Well, in that case, you should surely upgrade to the 5” large mouth feed chute on this reliable food processor. Moreover, the food processor also has a functional food pusher installed in it that will assist in pushing food through the chute.



  • Affordable Price Tag

  • 5” Large-mouth Feed Chute

  • A Mixture Of Modern-Classic Design

  • Stainless Steel Parts

  • 500W Impeccable Power

  • Promotes Versatile Meal Prep

  • Durability Concerns

  • Some Plastic Parts Are Flimsy

Final Views:

I would highly recommend this food processor to someone a little tight on budget. But still wants a functional and powerful food processor for proper meal preparation.

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Oster FPSTFP1355

6. Hamilton Beach Mini – Best Cheap Food Processor 2021

Hamilton is one of the most trusted brands to invest in. Apart, from their valuable customer assistance services. Their best food processors have a durable interior built which lasts for ages. Now, this one that we have for you has a 350W powerful motor that can knead the dough as well make food puree with ease. In addition to this, for a food processor that costs around 25$, this one also has stainless steel blades!

Some nice features about the best cheap food processor 2021 are given below:

Features That You Need To Know

Simplified Design

In terms of design, this model is not way over the top. I mean, it has little things going on here and there. But the main focus of the brand was on the storage and portability aspects. This is probably the reason why it is so compact and lightweight.

Perfect For Small Meal Preps

The 3 cups bowl size and ideal characteristics like oil dispenser make sure that your meal prep goes as per your suitability. Moreover, the best cheap food processor in 2021 comes with an essential stainless steel blade that has impeccable chopping, shredding, and puree abilities.

350W Power Motor

You might underestimate the performance of this machine as it comes with a cheaper price tag. So let me clue you in, the food processor has a 350W motor with jaw-dropping performance in many departments. Not only does it properly knead the dough, but it can also cut some classic vegetables with ease.

Ideal Option For Beginners

The food processor has the perfect combo of features for a beginner who has stepped foot into the kitchen. All you need to do is to follow the instruction manuals and get your day to day meal prep done in a flash.



  • Cheapest Price Tag

  • Simple And Portable Design

  • Easy To Use Design

  • Comes With A 350W Powerful Motor

  • An Ideal Option For Beginners

  • Has The Ability To Make A Puree And Chop Hard Veggies

  • Sometimes It Pulverizes The Mixture

  • Difficult To Repair Once Broken

Final Views:

It is easy to use, a food processor that has been built for beginners to learn some essential food prep skills.

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Hamilton Beach Mini Food Processor

7. Breville BFP800XL – Top-Rated Food Processor 2021

You might be familiar with the Breville brand because of their masticating juicers. Now, let me introduce you to some of their food processing models. This one that we are reviewing here, has ample processing options. On one side it has two processing bowls for proper meal prep. On the other side, it has multiple stainless steel blades for precise chopping. We will rediscover some of its features and share them with you next.

Some amazing features about the top-rated food processors of 2021 are below:

Features That You Need To Know

2 Processing Bowls

Well, you might be thinking what is the practicality of two bowls? Now, my answer to that would be it is better to have two than to settle for one. Because you never know when you start working on that one recipe that requires a mini-sized bowl.

Multiple Blades & Discs

Firstly, not only does the food processor have a remarkable stainless steel construction. But the top-rated food processor 2021 also comes in with ample stainless steel blades. Now, you can cut your veggies, shred the cheese and even slice some onions with your desired blade.

Powerful Meal Prep Motor

The performance numbers on this motor are incredible. This food processor can do almost virtually everything. Its 1200W motor can deal knead the dough, mince the meat, and even works amazingly on hard vegetables.

Space-Saving Design

Another aspect of the food processor which goes unnoticed is how easily you can store this food processor. Just read the instruction manual and set it up for your food processing ventures. Once you are done, store it in a safer small place as it only requires little space.



  • Multiple Stainless Steel Blades And Disc

  • Truly Portable Design

  • Two Food Processing Bowls

  • Topnotch Meal Prepping 1200W Motor

  • Easy To Use Power Buttons

  • Offers A Variety Of Chute Options

  • Perfect For Prepping Hard Foods

  • Replacement Parts Are Not Easily Available

  • No Other Major Flaws

Final Views:

It is a fantastic piece of meal preparation equipment. I would highly recommend this one to a professional chef or a cooking master.

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Breville BFP800XL

8. Cuisinart DFP-14BCWNYAMZ – Best Food Processor 2021

The next one on our list is one of my all time favorites. Cuisinart food processor has impeccable performance in all aspects. May it be dough mixing, vegetable chopping, or shredding the cheese? The food processor will not disappoint for one bit. Apart from this, the safety features ensure that the lid is properly in place so that the processor doesn’t make any mess. We will review its features next.

Some nice features about the best food processor 2021 are below:

Features That You Need To Know

720W Reliable Motor

In terms of performance, the food processor has a highly functioning motor that can easily do the toughest of jobs. From kneading dough, beating cake batter to simply chopping the hard vegetables. It is an all-round meal preparation machine.

Comes With Recipe Booklet

Do you want to use the food processor for the first time? Why not open up the recipe booklet and try some exciting new recipes!

Stainless Steel Razor Sharp Blade

The best food processor 2021 offers stainless steel blades and discs with razor-sharp cutting and chopping performance.

Best Food Processor For Dough

The performance stats on this food processor were already impressive. On top of it, its ability to accurately mix dough ingredients takes it to another level.



  • Simple Yet Sophisticated Design

  • Reliable 720W Motor

  • 14 Cup Massive Bowl Size For Proper Mixing

  • Amazing Performance With Pizza Dough

  • Comes With A Recipe Booklet

  • Stainless Steel Razor-Sharp Blades And Discs

  • Expensive

  • No Other Issues

Final Views:

I would recommend this food processor for home-based individuals which are interested in saving time through smart meal preparation.

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Cuisinart DFP-14BCWNYAMZ Food Processor

9. SHARDOR Food Processor – Best Budget Food Processor

This one right here is quite a great value for money deal. The food processor can deal with tough carrots as well as flimsy cheese. It is an all-around performer that is equipped with a 350W motor and a 3.5 cup bowl size. In addition to this, it provides an exceptionally easy to operate user interface. We will further explore the food processor in our review below.

Some notable features about the best budget food processor are below:

Features That You Need To Know

Premium Safety Features

Never will your best food processors make things messier for you? You might be thinking how is that? Well, to prevent any sort of spillage and mess. The food processor only works when the bowl is properly put in place and the food processor is locked.

One-Touch Interface

Many times, we have seen food processors come up with an unnecessarily complicated design. May it be the interface or the build itself? Surely, the team at SHARDOOR was aware of this, as they have come up with a one-touch interface that gets the machine up and running in a minute.

350W Motor For A Variety Of Meal Prep

In addition to this, it is a great option for someone who is into RV camping or traveling. With minimal time on hand, you always want to go for quick food recipes. In that case, the 350W has enough power to take care of your meal prep needs while you can read a book in the meantime.

Stainless Steel Chopper

Well, you might be thinking that as the SHARDOOR food processor barely costs 50 bucks. It would surely have a cheap grade blade that would mess up the meal prep. Well, to break your bubble, the best food budget food processor offers a top-notch stainless steel blade that can do almost everything from slicing, chopping to shredding the veggies.



  • One-Touch Operating Interface

  • Affordable Price Tag

  • Stainless Steel Razor-Sharp Blade

  • Stainless Steel Reverse Discs

  • Safe Lock Design

  • Ideal For Travelers And Campers

  • No Book Comes With The Package

  • No Other Major Issues

Final Views:

Ideally, it is a realistic option for singles that are low on budget or people who like to travel a lot.

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SHARDOR Food Processor

10. Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY – Best Cuisinart Food Processor For The Money

Lastly, we have an epic food processor in front of you. This one right here provides the full food processing experience. Moreover, with an excellent powerful 720W motor and a high-class stainless steel blade. The food processor will take care of all sorts of meal preparation needs. Need to mix dough for a pasta cookout? It has got you covered. Do you want to slice down some onions for a salad? Simply put them in and they will be sliced in a minute. Let’s find more about the processor next.

Some great features about the best Cuisinart food processor for the money are below:

Features That You Need To Know

Impeccable Stainless Steel Design

First things first, the food processor has a classic stainless steel design. Although, it won’t strike as a jaw-dropping design. But, it is surely durable and easily portable. Well, sometimes we have to look past the designs and consider the practicality of the machine right?

Great Dough Beater

Well, if you are one of those folks that occasionally cook Italian cuisine. Then you will be happy to know that your new food processor has some mind-blowing dough performance. Its 720W power motor ensures that the dough is properly mixed for your next lasagna cookout.

Stainless Steel Blade For Precise Cutting

It would be blasphemous to equip such a wonderful food processor with a mediocre blade. As befitting as it could be, the best Cuisinart food processor for the money has a stainless steel blade for precise slicing and chopping. It doesn’t matter what you put in front of it. Its stainless steel blade will slay everything to pieces.

Extra-Large Feed Tube

An extra-large feed tube alongside a large-sized bowl is perfect for a full-on experience. Well, by investing in this food processor, all of your pre-meal prep chores will be taken care of.



  • Stainless Steel Blade Material

  • Easy To Operate

  • Spacious 14 Cup Bowl Size For You

  • A Large Feed Tube Can Fit Whole Foods & Veggies

  • 720W Powerful Motor To Handle Big Meal Preps

  • User-Friendly On, Off, Pulse

  • Shredding And Slicing Blades Are Not Adjustable

  • No Other Major Issue

Final Views:

This food processor is one of the top sellers of the Cuisinart brand. I would surely suggest this one to people who have less time for meal prep. If you are someone who is always in a hurry, then this is a reliable food processor that will have your back.

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Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY

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Top 3 Recommendations

Read Our Easy As A Pie Buying Guide Before Investing In The Best Food Processors

Meal prep is a key feature of every meal that you cook. To make sure, that things go smoother and quicker, it is advisable to invest in the best food processors. Now, while settling on the buying decision, you should keep the following pro tips in your mind. So, you can land that perfect food processor on your kitchen table by Monday morning.

Reasons For Investing In A Food Processor

  • Saves Time: Food processors save ample time in the kitchen. Just imagine, your precious time which goes into chopping up and slicing the vegetables can be saved. You can put that time to better use; by learning some new recipes for instance.
  • Versatile Meal Prep: Manually it won’t be possible to do some of the things which a food processor can do! From making a proper restaurant-grade puree to mixing every ingredient in the pizza dough accurately. These bad boys can do everything you can think of.
  • Easy To Clean: Another amazing fact, about some great food processors, is that; they are built and designed in a certain way to prevent mess. On top of that, they are simply easy to clean because of their compact and user-friendly built.
  • No Liquid Mess: Moreover, with a food processor, you should say goodbye to liquids pouring onto your kitchen table. It is because; most of these food processors come with certain top-notch safety features. These features ensure that the lid and other components of the processor are in place before you hit the power button.
  • Massive Upgrade Over A Blender:A food processor has the capabilities to do things that your blender cannot even think of. It is a massive upgrade over a blender with classic capabilities like kneading the dough, making a puree, slicing the veggies, or even shredding mozzarella cheese.

Things To Look Out For In Your Best Food Processor

Below are some must-have features that you have to search for while purchasing the best food processor:

1. Durability Matters

If anyone is telling you otherwise then they are dead wrong. Durability is one of the most important aspects of any machine.

Now, when it comes to a food processor, you could either go for a cheap build that will be lighter on your pocket. Or you can go all out, and buy a brand new food processor that has a sturdy built.

Which one should you prefer? Well, it is a subjective question and it depends on the user and the circumstances. For instance, if someone is quite low on budget and just wants a normal food processor that does the basic stuff. Then I would say, go ahead and take the risk of investing in a cheaper option.

On the other hand, for someone who has a professional kitchen, with some cooking to do? I would suggest them to look for a proper food processor that has a solid and sturdy durable frame.

2. Offers Versatile Speed Modes

No matter what your budget range is, never settle for a single-speed mode. You will regret it later on.

Nowadays, many foods that need processing come with instructions. They suggest whether food requires low power processing or high-speed processing. Now, if you made a decision based on rumors and went all out on a food processor that offers a single mode. You might be in trouble.

So, as a safe side, almost all the best food processors that we have listed have versatile speed modes for proper precise cutting.

3. Check The Wattage On Motor

The next aspect that you have to cross check whilst searching for the food processor is the wattage on the motor.

It is quite essential to double-check the power before transferring the food processor to your check out. Your food processor’s motor is what determines its performance in various meal preparation areas.

If you are someone who deals with occasional soft veggies, fruits, and some hard nuts. A motor with a power range between 250W-5OOW would be enough.

But, if you are into cooking experiments and trying newer recipes, such a motor might be a little underpowered. In that case, you will have to invest in a motor that has power stats of 500+ watts.

The motors which have power stats of more than 500W are easily capable of versatile meal preparation. Beating the cake batter is not an issue at all on such motors. They are also perfect for mixing dough for your next pizza cookout.

4. Don’t Settle For Anything Other Than Stainless Steel Tools

Another thing that will play a part when a food processor is on your shopping list is its performance tools.

Now, many people won’t pay heed to these factors, when they find out that the price of their food processor is only around 20 bucks. Well, you don’t have to make that misjudgment call and check the tools of the food processor first.

The food processor which has stainless steel blades and discs will have accurate and precise shredding, slicing, and chopping capabilities. So invest carefully.

5. Bowl & Chute Size Of The Food Processor

Last but not least, another important aspect that will require your attention while a food processor is on your list is this feature. Make sure, that it has the required bowl size which is suitable for your cooking.

In addition to this, the chute size is quite important if you are into processing hard fruits and vegetables. So, make your choice accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best Cuisinart food processor 2021?

Cuisinart DFP-14BCWNYAMZ is the best food processor in 2021. It is an amazing food processor with a spacious 14 cup bowl size. The food processor has a simple portable design as well as a powerful dual speed 720W motor. To know more about it, check out our review.

What is the best food processor for hard vegetables?

Hamilton Beach 70730 is the best food processor for hard vegetables. It has variable speed modes making it suitable for hard and soft veggies. It also has a set of stainless steel blades and discs for precise slicing and chopping.

Some Last Words

It is quite a hard task to find that perfect food processor that can knead the dough, do the chopping as well as last durably for ages. Well, after going through this detailed article. I am hopeful that you have a better insight into the variety of food processors that we have for you today. Now, all that is left is for you to select that one model that suits your preferences. Moreover, if you have any output to share with us regarding this article. Feel free to contact us!

Good luck!