The 10 Best Meat Slicers Rated for 2021

Making meat, cheese, or bread slices, once in a while doesn’t require a lot of effort. However, the problem arises when you have to do this task every day in and out. This is where the need for the best meat slicer arises.

These automatic machines are one of their kind. With so many options to choose from, you can make the slices as per your preferences. In addition, you can slice a large batch of meat, without doing anything manually.

Therefore, considering the importance of a slicer, we’d want you to make a perfect decision when it comes to purchasing one. In this context, with sheer research, and experiments, we’ve compiled a list of top 10 best meat slicers of all time.

Let’s have a look at them without any further ado:

1. Chefman Die-Cast – Best Meat Slicer 2021

Starting with none other than Chefman, it’s been regarded as one of the most popular meat slicer brands in the market. I mean, the machines it produces are top-notch, can slice meat accurately, and are durable at the same time. That said, we are about to review Die-Cast Meat Slicer introduced by Chefman. For starters, this meat slicer has got a simple yet unique shape. That is, the manufacturer hasn’t made it way too complex. So, you can easily utilize it especially if you are new to meat slicers. Apart from that, one thing that has amazed me quite a bit is that this meat slicer is available at an under 100-dollar price tag. It’s simply amazing especially if you are a totally new beginner. All in all, this Die-Cast Meat Slicer should be your first major investment if you want to enjoy slicing meat without any hassle.

Some notable features regarding the best meat slicer under 100 are as follows:

Key Features You Must Know:

Versatile Use:

First things first, the meat slicer isn’t limited to meat only. As far as my experience is concerned, I’ve sliced different veggies, fruits, cheese, and bread with this machine. FYI, it didn’t cause any problem at all.

Powerful and Extra Sharp:

Adding to that, this one from Chefman is quite powerful. That is, it has got a 180 watt AC power motor that can slice thick and hard meat without any hassle. The blade, on the other hand, is made from stainless steel. It too is quite sharp and can make your work much easier than expected.

Easy to Clean:

One thing that I liked a lot about the best slicing machine is that it’s easy to clean. You can separate each part of the slicer even without any help. Plus, all components are washable so you can clean them up and reassemble the slicer quite easily.

Space-Saving Shape:

For your information, this slicing machine won’t be a burden on the beauty or aesthetics of your kitchen. That said, it’s quite compact and can easily get adjusted in tighter spaces. So, you can slice meat or other food objects without facing any problem.

No Compromise on Safety:

Last but not the least, there isn’t any compromise on safety while the slicer is working. For that purpose, Chefman has added a plastic blade guard to keep your fingers away from it at all costs. Not only that, but the non-slip feet also ensure a perfect slicing experience.



  • Powerful 180-Watt Motor Included

  • Perfect For Slicing Meat, Cheese, And Veggies

  • Blade Guard Included

  • Suitable For Small Households

  • Compact And Space-Saving Design

  • Non-Slip Feet Resist Slipping

  • Handle Isn’t Much Durable

  • Not Suitable For Commercial Use

  • Poor Package Delivery

Final Views:

The meat slicer from Chefman, with some minor tweaks, still rules the market. That’s because it’s a perfect option for the peeps who can’t afford commercial meat slicers. Check it out and keep yourself away from the hassle of slicing meat manually.

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Chefman Die-Cast

2. OSTBA – Best Meat Slicer Under 100 for Home Use

Next up on our list is a meat slicer from OSTBA. For newbies, this manufacturer is a pioneer of offering more value within a reasonable budget. Same is the case with the  slicer we are about to discuss. It has got a sleek and slim design, first of all. Secondly, I liked how easier it is to make accurate slices of meat with this slicer as it comes with an easy to use working interface. Thanks to a powerful motor, you can utilize this machine for other cutting applications at the same time. To simply put, be it deli meat slices, thicker slices, or slicing bread accurately, you won’t be finding anything better than OSTBA meat slicer within a 100-dollar budget.

Some notable features for beginners are as follows:

Notable Features You Must Know:

Adjustable Thickness:

First things first, the meat slicer does allow you to adjust the thickness of the slices as per your will and wish. So, no matter what size of the slice you need, OSTBA would make sure that you get it without hustling much.

Extremely Safe to Use:

Child lock feature being included in the meat slicer makes it extremely safe to use. That said, it would start only when you press both safety lock and start button at once. In short, there won’t be any unfortunate injuries as far as you are using OSTBA meat slicer.

Hassle-Free Cleaning:

On the other hand, cleaning this slicing machine is as easy as cutting butter with a sharp knife. With a removable stainless blade and other components, it’d be easier for you to clean the slicer once in a while. Besides, a debris resistant guard is also present to keep the slicer away from dust particles.

Sharp and Large Blade:

As far as the blade is concerned, it’s been made from premium stainless steel. The overall size, on the other hand, is 7.5” which ensures accurate and precise cutting of meat, vegetables, or cheese without any worries.

Long-Term Working Interface:

Backed by a powerful 150-watt motor and sturdy construction, OSTBA meat slicer can work as your companion for many years to come. It’s quite surprising considering the fact that it costs no more than 100 bucks.



  • Stainless Steel Blade Resists Corrosion

  • Child Lock Keeps The Accidents Away

  • Cuts Precise Meat Slices Without Any Hassle

  • Durable And Sturdy Enough

  • Extremely Affordable

  • Easy To Clean And Reassemble

  • Serrated Blade Isn’t Sharp Enough

  • Not Heavy-Duty

  • Not Recommended For A Large Household

Final Views:

The meat slicer from OSTBA meets the demands of the peeps who don’t want to slice meat or cheese with a knife on a daily routine. That said, it should be a priority for you if you are extremely low on budget.

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OSTBA Electric

3. KWS – Best Commercial Meat Slicer for Home Use

Need a powerful meat slicer that can slice everything placed in its way? If that’s what you demand, then we present you KWS Commercial Meat Slicer. It’s undoubtedly the best commercial meat slicer for home use available in the market. Starting with the shape and design first, the machine is bulky. However, it can easily get adjusted in smaller spaces without any hassle. In addition to that, what surprised me the most is its working efficiency? That is, with the backing of a powerful motor, it’s easier for this commercial slicer to rip everything apart no matter how thick it is. From the price perspective, keep in mind that KWS meat slicer ain’t affordable at all. It’d easily cost you around 300 bucks. So, keep this figure in mind before you start thinking about this slicing machine.

The most important features that the best meat slicer offers are as follows:

Important Features You Should Know:

Extremely Durable:

There are no compromises on the overall construction of the meat slicer. It has got an aluminum alloy base which is extremely durable. Hence, you can utilize this meat slicer for many years to come.

Versatile Cutting Thickness:

As far as the thickness sizes are concerned, you can slice meat from 0 to 0.4” with this machine easily. The versatility in cutting thickness thus ensures a multitasking working interface.

Cuts Tough Food Products:

Keep in mind that this meat slicer from KWS is capable of slicing every type of raw and frozen meat without causing any issue. Not only that, but it can also slice up different fruits and vegetables with due efficiency and accuracy.

Reduced Noise:

The noise that this slicing machine produces is low even though it’s been backed by a powerful motor. That’s the main reason you can utilize this machine in a restaurant, coffee shop, or your home easily.

Super Sharp Blade:

Last but not the least, the blade is extremely sharp and has a size of around 10”. Therefore, you can get the desired results of slicing multiple meat chunks of veggies with immense precision and accuracy.



  • Commercial Meat Slicer

  • Suitable For Slicing A Variety Of Meat

  • Can Cut Veggies And Fruits With Precision

  • Comes With A 10” Extra Sharp Steel Blade

  • Perfect For Long Term Use

  • Ensures Reduced Noise While Working

  • Not Suitable For Small Households

  • Extremely Expensive

  • Complex Assembly

Final Views:

KWS Commercial meat slicer, in my perspective, is one of the most powerful meat slicers available in the market. The capabilities it has got are second to none. You should thus go all in for it if you are aiming for a long-term replacement.

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KWS Commercial

4. CUSIMAX – Best Meat Slicer for the Money

If you are unable to invest in the meat slicer that we discussed above, then no worries. CUSIMAX meat slicer has got you covered in this regard. Priced at no more than 110$, this powerful meat slicer is capable of slicing meat and cheese uniformly. For starters, one of the best compact meat slicers has got a slim shape. Hence, you can easily fit it anywhere you want. In addition to that, you’d surely enjoy its working interface which is easy and convenient. Keeping everything aside, what intrigued me the most about this machine is its extra safety measures. A hassle-free meat slicing is thus possible with the help of CUSIMAX meat slicer.

Some important features that the best entry-level meat slicer offers are as follows:

Important Features You Must Know:

Advanced Working Efficiency:

The brand, first of all, has focused a lot on making the meat slicer as powerful as possible. Therefore, an advanced bearing and belt driving tech have been added to the machine. It thus ensures a continuous slicing operation without any worries.

Safe and Easy to Clean:

Adding to your info, the best cheap meat slicer comes with a removable blade and other parts. Hence, you can easily clean it. Child lock interface is also included to keep your hands or fingers away from harmful injuries.

Upgraded Stainless Steel Blade:

Even with such an affordable rate, there is no compromise on making the blade of the machine as sharp and durable as possible. You can thus slice your favorite meat with immense efficiency and accuracy for a long time.


In the end, what matters the most about this meat slicer is that it could be utilized for different applications. For instance, you can slice cheese, vegetables, fruits, or ham with it either to make salad or any other dish as per your preferences.



  • Affordable Price Tag

  • Child Lock Feature Included

  • Stainless Steel Blade

  • Durable And Sturdy Construction

  • Meant For A Small Kitchen

  • Versatile Use

  • Could Not Be Used For Commercial Purposes

  • Overheating Issues Are Common

  • Poor Customer Response

Final Views:

The meat slicer from CUSIMAX is meant for small houses where people need to keep themselves away from slicing meat on their own. It could be a perfect addition to your kitchen in 2021.

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CUSIMAX Food Slicer

5. Chef’sChoice  – Best Meat Slicer Under 200

Another heavy-duty electric meat slicer on our list comes from Chef’sChoice which is regarded as one of the best home and kitchen brands in the market. Starting with the machine itself, it’s uniquely designed to enhance the beauty of your kitchen. Adding to that, the slicer’s been backed by a powerful working motor, which ensures a non-jamming working experience. As far as my experiments are concerned, I’ve never seen any issues with the slicer while slicing hard meat and vegetables. Apart from all these traits, what I liked the most is the presence of a serrated and ultra-sharp blade. It can literally rip apart anything placed in its way within seconds. All in all, one could easily say that the slicing machine from Chef’sChoice got to be the best mid-range meat slicer available in 2021.

Some notable features about the meat slicer are as follows:

Notable Features You Must Know:

No Overheating Issues:

First things first, the best meat slicer has got a cool-running and high-torque motor installed in it. Therefore, no matter how long you use it, it would be working without making any fuss or smell.

Durable Construction:

On the other hand, the body and the blade being made with cast aluminum and stainless steel gives peace of mind. As per my views, one could expect this slicing machine to work for at least 5 years with 100% efficiency.

Food Carriage:

One thing that is quite fascinating about this meat slicer is that it comes with a tilted food carriage. It’s; hence, easier for you to gather all the slices in one place without much hassle.

No Burden on Electricity Bills:

Last but not the least, this meat slicer from Chef’sChoice won’t be a burden on your electricity bills at all. That said, it has got an ecofriendly construction which ensures low energy consumption while working at full efficiency.



  • Tilted Food Carriage Included

  • Stainless Steel Serrated Blade

  • No Compromise On Durability And Sturdiness

  • Perfect For Commercial Use

  • Eco-Friendly Design

  • Still A Bit Pricey (Compared To Other Meat Slicers)

  • Creates Noise While Working

Final Views:

Chef’sChoice with its heavy-duty electric meat slicer is already getting all the spotlight. Being termed as the best meat slicer by happy customers, it should be on your priority if you’ve got a budget of around 200 bucks.

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ChefsChoice Electric Meat Slicer

6. Continental Electric Pro – With Smooth Stainless Steel Blade

I know it’s really hard to get the desired slicing results from meat slicers that are available at an affordable budget. But let me tell you about Continental Electric Pro as it’s already getting the fame and popularity that it deserves. For starters, the reason I’m praising it way too much is that it has got an extremely sharp and smooth blade. Therefore, 100% efficiency could be expected from it while slicing different meat types. Not only that, but the shape is quite compact and portable. Hence, you can easily adjust the best budget meat slicer in tighter spaces of the kitchen. In the end, I’d want to mention that this sophisticated slicing machine is rated at around 80 bucks only. Yeah, it’s that much cheap.

Some notable features about the best cheap meat slicer are as follows:

Key Features You Must Know:

Smoothest Blade:

First things first, one of the best meat slicers in the market comes with an extra sharp and smooth blade. It can make its way right from the middle of the meat and make precise slices without any worries.

Extremely Durable Construction:

On the other hand, the overall construction is second to none. That is, the core of the machine is made from stainless steel, which resists corrosion. Other components of the slicer are also durable enough.

Precision Slicing:

One thing that I can say without any doubt about Continental Pro meat slicer is that it ensures precision slicing. Yeah, no matter what kind of meat you use, the slices would be extremely thin and delicate at the same time.

Automatic Working Interface:

Last but not the least, this cheap meat slicer comes with an automatic working interface. It means, by pressing the on button, it will start slicing different food products with due efficiency and accuracy.



  • Smoothest And Sharpest Slicing Blade

  • Extremely Durable

  • Blade Size Is 7.5”

  • Suitable For Cutting Veggies And Fruits

  • Automatic Working Interface

  • Makes A Lot Of Noise

  • Ugly Shape

  • No Other Major Issues

Final Views:

The meat slicer from Continental Pro makes the slicing job easy and simple at the same time. Per my recommendation, it should be a priority for you if you’ve got around 80 bucks to spend on the best meat slicer.

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Continental Pro Series Meat Slicer

7. Kitchener – Multitasking Meat Slicer 2021

This slicing machine introduced by Kitchener is famous due to a few reasons. For instance, it ensures a multitasking working interface. Along with that, you can also enjoy precise and accurate slicing of meat or other food products without spending a lot of money. From the design perspective, this cheap meat slicer is compact and small enough to get adjusted into tighter spaces without any hassle. Cutting the long story short, the meat slicer from Kitchener should be a priority for you especially if you are living in a small household.

Let’s have a look at some of the features that this meat slicer offers:

Key Features You Must Know:

Heavy-Duty Motor:

First of all, the best meat slicer under 100 comes with a 150W motor which has a 100% working efficiency. Hence, it is easier for you to slice different meat types without any worries.

Versatile Stainless Steel Blade:

Another important thing that you must know about the Kitchener meat slicer is that it comes with a versatile stainless steel blade. That said, you can thus slice up every type of meat or veggies conveniently.

Ensures Safety and Protection:

Last but not the least, one of the most affordable meat slicers ensures immense safety and protection. The child lock option is available that won’t start the machine for as long as you do not press the two buttons simultaneously.



  • Compact Design

  • Sharp And Smooth Serrated Blade

  • Perfect For A Small Household

  • Versatile Use

  • No Storage Option For Sliced Meat

  • Poorly Built Handle

Final Views:

Kitchener meat slicer helps you slice deli, salami, ham, or fruits real quick and with due efficiency. Consider getting it before it’s too late.

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Kitchener MS-106215R Professional Slicer

8. BESWOOD – Best Meat Slicer for Frozen Food

The serious slicing business begins when we talk about a notorious slicing machine being introduced by BESWOOD. It’s been termed as one of the most powerful commercial meat slicers in the market. Starting with the design, it’s a bit complex as the assembly is not as easier as one could expect. Other than that, the utilization of premium quality materials makes this slicer a perfect option for commercial uses. All in all, it’s a perfect option for restaurant owners or a large household where slicing meat is necessary regularly.

Some key features about the best meat slicer for frozen food are as follows:

Key Features You Must Know:

Extremely Sharp Blade:

Talking about the blade first, it’s been made from premium carbon steel to ensure extreme sharpness while slicing hard food products.

Heavy Duty Motor:

On the other hand, a heavy-duty 240W motor is more than enough to drive the blade at an immense speed. As a result, the slicing experience is smooth and easy at the same time.

Long-Term Use:

Mind you that the overall construction includes utilization of Chromium plating which ensures one thing, i.e. durability and sturdiness for a long time.



  • Perfect For Commercial Uses

  • Slices Frozen Food Really Well

  • Sharpest Carbon Steel Blade

  • Sharpest Carbon Steel Blade

  • Expensive Price Tag

  • Not Recommended For Beginners

  • Noisy

Final Views:

What BESWOOD offers in its meat slicer is difficult to find in any other slicing machine and that’s a fact. So, you won’t be regretting your decision after purchasing this meat slicer at all.

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9. Anescra – With Child Lock Protection

The slicing machine from Anescra costs no more than 100 bucks. However, it’s worth every penny you spend on it. I’d be starting with its sophisticated and unique design. That said, the body is quite beautiful and that’s why it’s a perfect fit for a small kitchen. As far as the overall construction is concerned, it’s second to none. Slicing meat, on the other hand, is as easy for this slicer as cutting butter with a sharp knife.

Some important features about the best meat slicer for the money are as follows:

Key Features You Must Know:

Two Blades:

There are two stainless steel and extra sharp blades available within the meat slicer. That said, if one blade is getting less sharp, you can replace it with the other to get perfectly sliced meat without any hassle.

Ensures Precision:

One other feature that you should know about this machine is that it comes with a precise slicing interface. The thickness is pinpoint and accurate. Hence, you can easily get the desired results within no time.

Easy to Clean:

Finally, the assembling and reassembling feature is well up to the mark. It ensures an easy cleaning interface as you can wash the blades and other removable components of the slicer perfectly.



  • Durable And Sturdy Construction

  • Two Removable Stainless Steel Blades Included

  • Perfect For A Small Kitchen

  • Extremely Affordable

  • Not Suitable For Commercial Use

  • No Other Issues To Highlight

Final Views:

Anescra meat slicer is perfect in terms of slicing meat with precision and accuracy. You should consider purchasing it as it can run out of stock anytime soon.

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10. KWS MS-10NT – Most Expensive Commercial Meat Slicer

We started our review section with the least priced meat slicer and the end is marked by one of the most expensive slicing machines. Yeah, I’m talking about none other than KWS MS-10NT. This powerful beast of a machine tends to slice accurate and precise meat without any jamming or overheating issues. That said, it’s been designed in such a way that you’d enjoy an extensive slicing operation for many years to come.

Let’s take a look at some of the most notable features offered by this slicer.

Most Notable Features You Must Know:

Most Advanced Teflon Blade:

A large 10” steel coated Teflon blade being included in the machine makes the slicing process extremely smooth and quick at the same time. You can use the blade for a long time without any hassle.

Aluminum Alloy Construction:

The core of the machine, in addition, has been constructed with aluminum alloy, which is regarded as one of the toughest building materials in the world.

Safety Guard Feature:

Last but not the least, a safety guard feature is already included within the best commercial meat slicer to make your work as easy and injury-free as possible.



  • Teflon Steel Coated Blade

  • Offers Accurate Slicing Thickness

  • Aluminum Alloy Core

  • Perfect For Commercial Uses

  • Not Intended For Newbies

  • Noise Might Be An Issue

Final Views:

This revolutionary meat slicer being introduced by KWS is one of its kind. Make sure that you get this beast especially if the slicing work at your restaurant ain’t stopping at all.

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KWS MS-10NT Commercial Slicer

Top 3


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Top 3 Picks

Based on positive customer feedback and what the expert chefs say, the top 3 picks are as follows:

Buyer’s Guide for Finding the Best Meat Slicer in 2021

Purchasing a new machine and that too for the first time is not as easy as it looks.

Especially you would be extremely careful in making the last time decision if you don’t want to waste your hard-earned money.

Similarly, choosing a meat slicer ain’t a piece of cake. You have to make sure that the choice you are about to make can benefit you in long term.

So, to remove all your ambiguities, I’d be starting with a comprehensive buying guide as in this way your chances of making a perfect decision would become higher.

Let’s start without any further ado:

Why Do You Need a Meat Slicer at Home?

Some people might say, “What’s the benefit of getting a meat slicer if I can slice it perfectly with a sharp knife?” The question is legit as there doesn’t seem to be any need for a slicing machine if a sharp knife can do the job.

However, there’s a difference between automation and manual work. I’d be giving you some of the reasons that will throw some light on importance of getting a meat slicer:

  • Compared with a knife, a meat slicer is easy and safe to use. With a knife, there will be many issues regarding the protection of your fingers or hands.
  • Meat slicers are fully automated. That said, they can slice a huge chunk of meat within a short time whereas it isn’t possible with a simple knife.
  • These slicing machines are not meant for meat only. You can take help of a meat slicer while making salad as well as it can slice different veggies and fruits at the same time.
  • Meat slicers are accurate and precise enough. Try cutting a slice of meat with a knife and then with a meat slicer and you’d see a prominent difference in both slicings.
  • All in all, a meat slicer would be making your work much convenient and easier at the same time. You can utilize the saved time in other kitchen chores as well.

Now, I’m pretty much sure that you know how crucial it is to get a meat slicer. Let’s move on to the next section, i.e. the most common types of meat slicers.

Types of Meat Slicers

1. Manual Meat Slicers

Traditional and old-fashioned meat slicers, i.e. manual meat slicers were quite a thing in the previous decade.

That said, they are still utilized by large food chains including restaurants, cafes, and sandwich hot-spots. A manual meat slicer comes with a long slicing blade. You have to move it from up to down to slice a piece of meat with an accurate size.

Regardless of the advancement in technology, these slicers are still being used as they are quite affordable and durable at the same time.

2. Automatic Meat Slicers

The most common meat slicer’s type these days is the automatic one. Commonly known as electrical meat slicers, these tiny beasts are capable of slicing meat or veggies on their own.

All the meat slicers mentioned above work on automation as you have to only move the meat peace ahead to be sliced and chopped accurately.

Such meat slicers have replaced the traditional machines and are now getting quite popular among the masses.

3. Commercial Meat Slicers

Last but not the least, commercial meat slicers are meant for continuous work. They have got expensive price tags and these machines work continuously without any jamming or stopping issue.

Backed by powerful motors, one could say that commercial meat slicers are an upgrade to automatic machines.

However, keep in mind that commercial meat slicers could be utilized in large restaurants or Coffee shops only. They are not an ideal fit for a small household at all.

How to Select the Best Meat Slicer in 2021?

Have an overview of some of the most important aspects to consider before choosing a meat slicer:

1. Heavy Duty Motor

First things first, a heavy-duty motor is a must in a meat slicer. Why? Because with the backing of a powerful motor, it is easier for the machine to slice frozen or hard meat chunks.

So, first of all, the standard wattage of a meat slicer must fall somewhere between 150W to 200W. Anything above 200W is considered a perfect fit for commercial uses.

That should be your preference in the first place.

2. Extra Sharp Blade

There is no point of investing in a meat slicer, which has a damaged or low-quality blade installed in it.

Mind you that blade plays a crucial role in slicing a piece of meat perfectly. In short, the sharper a blade is, the smoother the slices.

Serrated and stainless steel blades are known for slicing meat and other food products with quite efficiency and accuracy. Therefore, a serrated blade with a stainless steel build should be a priority for you at all costs.

3. Easy to Clean

A meat slicer must come with an easy assembly. That is, it must have a removable blade and other important components such as a safety guard.

Why? Because it ensures an easy to clean interface. You can wash and dry all these components thoroughly and reassemble them back for a perfect slicing interface.

So, never sleep on this aspect or you’ll have to face the consequences.

4. Overall Durability

Last but not the least, overall durability matters a lot while purchasing a meat slicer.

That said, make sure that the core or base of the machine is made of either stainless steel, chromium, or aluminum alloy.

All these materials are long-lasting and will help you to utilize the slicer for many years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the best meat slicer for home use?

Chefman Die-Cast Meat Slicer is a perfect meat slicer for home use. It has got a compact design, a heavy-duty motor, and a super sharp stainless steel blade respectively. Plus, the price tag for this machine is too affordable. So, get it before it’s too late.

2. What is the best commercial meat slicer?

It has to be none other than KWS MS-10NT. This beast from KWS is capable of slicing meat or vegetables or fruits constantly without any jamming or overheating issues. It’s the best commercial meat slicer without any doubt.

3. How do I choose a meat slicer?

  • Sort out your needs first
  • Make sure that the meat slicer you are getting is durable enough
  • Pay great heed towards the blade and ensure that it’s durable and extremely sharp
  • The motor has to be heavy-duty
  • Finally, an easy to clean meat slicer would work like icing on the cake

Some Last Words:

That would be all from me regarding the best meat slicers available in the market. I’d urge you all to give a thorough read to the buyer’s guide section before making a last decision.

Good Luck!!