It is very difficult to skip your daily glass of nutritious drink, especially when you are out of your home. It’s now possible to enjoy your favorite smoothies, shakes, and juices. All you’d be needing, is the help of battery operated blenders.

Best Battery Operated Blenders


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December 21, 2020

1. Hamilton Beach Blender – The Most Powerful Battery Operated Blender

On number one, we have a top-rated Hamilton blender that is a widely used brand. With this super trending blender, you can mix your favorite smoothies and get them readily available in its ready to go jar. Not just this but it also has a no-spill, sealed lid that makes it safe to take anywhere. Moreover, its one-touch blending enables it to crush the hardest food items in seconds to get you a refreshing smoothie. Apart from that, this super amazing machine does not fall heavy on your pockets as it costs you less than 25 dollars.

So, to make things more clear, let’s move ahead to its detailed features:

Important Features You Need to Know:

On top of the list, here comes the motor power of the blender for it is the most important part that adds to the worth of the product. Hamilton beach brings this super amazing blender that has a powerful motor that runs on 175 watts. It is efficient enough in converting hard food items into the yummiest smoothies.

Moreover, this marks to be a well-built blender as it possesses a BPA free construction that is not just safe to use but also lasts longer. Also, this Hamilton blender is excellent in terms of portability. You can easily carry it along wherever you want.

Apart from that, it comes with stainless steel blades that add to its excellent functionality. With these sharp blades, you can crush even the hard items like walnuts or ice to blend completely. You can have a delicious and well-blended smoothie within just a few seconds.

Lastly, coming towards the availability of the option, Hamilton beach has a one-touch option. It has a single button that performs all the functions. It is a sort of downside as it does not offer a lot of options regarding the blending.



  • High-Powered Motor

  • One-Touch Option

  • Powerful Crushing

  • BPA Free Construction

  • Sharp Blades

  • Not Powered By A Battery

  • Fewer Options

Final Views:

Hamilton beach can be the best choice for those who want to invest less to get a well-functioning blender along with some basic features that prove to be beneficial in a number of ways. If you are one of those, then definitely go for this blender.

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Hamilton Beach Personal Blender

2. Zulay Portable Blender – Best Rechargeable Battery Operated Blender

Second, on the list comes the Zulay Portable Blender that marks to be one of the best battery operated blenders. With this masterpiece, you can simply blend to get your desired drink at any place, anytime as it does not require the main power source to operate. It runs on a battery that can be recharged with a USB charger. Apart from that, this machine is available in six different, vibrant colors that look super cool to be used.

With that being said, let’s move further to dig deep into its other super amazing features:

Important Features You Need to Know:

First off, the Zulay Portable Blender is quite affordable as it demands you to invest less than 30 dollars that is not too much for an ordinary buyer. Along with this low price, it brings you a number of super beneficial features.

Next, this incredible blender has a six-blade assembly that works to blend the ingredients perfectly. In addition to that, the quick and easy blending of this blender makes your food ready quickly.

In addition to that, this portable blender is not just easy to hold, but it is extremely easy to wash and clean as well. Now you can keep the hygiene level maintained, with the help of this smart machine.



  • Detachable Parts

  • High-Quality Material Used

  • Quick And Easy Blending

  • Versatile Machine

  • Available In Multiple Color Options

  • A Bit Noisy

  • No Clear Directions In The Manual

Final Views:

Zulay Portable Blender is meant for those who are always running late in morning. This smart blender machine can be easily carried along to the offices as it looks great and works amazing. You must get it as soon as possible before it gets out of stock.

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Zulay Portable Blender

3. MC Blender X – The Most High-End Battery Operated Blender

Counting the best battery operated blenders, here comes this MC blender that is way more powerful than the other USB blenders. Moreover, its perfect dimensions result in occupying less space on the kitchen counter. It is easy to use and store. Apart from that, it comes with a super amazing water-resistant bag that is perfect for traveling. You can simply pack it up and take it along with you anywhere you want. Apart from all the good facts about this beast, it falls extremely heavy in your pocket as it costs almost one hundred and 10 dollars that is way too much to invest in a blender.

Let’s get some more information about its tremendous features:

Important Features You Need to Know:

Starting with the foremost and most important feature that is battery life. MC Modern blender comes with an efficient and long-lasting battery that serves you at places where you don’t have any power connection.

In addition to that, it’s perfectly built design not only appears to be super cool but also occupies less space. As a result, you have more free space on your kitchen counter to place better arrangements. Moreover, it offers you two years of warranty for any manufacturing fault.

Besides, the MC Modern blender comes with a 20 oz. BPA jar that is not just enough in terms of capacity but also marks to be extremely safe and healthy to use for food processing. Also, its perfect blending capability with an on-the-go lid adds to its worth.

Lastly, you should not ignore its super stylish, water-resistant bag that not only makes it easy to carry along but also keeps it safe from dust and scratches. Also, its water-resistant construction prevents water from damaging its internal machinery and makes it last longer than usual.



  • Capacious Enough

  • Easy To Carry Along

  • Occupies Less Space

  • Food Grade Blades

  • Easy To Clean And Maintain

  • Battery Can’t Be Swapped Out

  • Overpriced

Final Views:

MC Modern blender has all those super beneficial features that you may desire to have in your blender but the downside of this efficient but expensive blender is that it is almost out of budget for an ordinary buyer as it is way too expensive.

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BlenderX Portable Blender

4. PopBabies Portable Personal Blender – Best Long-Lasting Battery Operated Blender

PopBabies portable blenders are my favorite battery-operated blenders from this list. They are the most unique-looking blenders and have the best color theme as well. Many of the customers have chosen this product instead of others, and the reason seems to be its unique design. Having said that, the powerful performance of this portable battery-operated blender is also a plus point in this.

Now, let’s talk about the most notable features of this blender:

Important Features You Need to Know:

To begin with, let me mention the safe usage of the PopBabies portable blender. They are extremely easy to use, and you have no risk of harmful material getting into your drinks or smoothies.

In addition to that, the best thing about this battery-operated blender is that it is ready to drink. By this, we mean that after blending, you don’t need to pour the drink into another glass. But instead, you can drink directly from the bottle-like top of the jar.

Lastly, the major fact about the PopBabies portable blender is that they can be used to blend food even when it is plugged in to charge. This feature is not available in every battery-operated blender.



  • Powerful Performance

  • Easy-To-Use And Drink

  • Blends Even While Charging

  • Best Color Theme

  • Overpriced As Compared To Others

  • No Ice Tray Included As Per Advertisement

Final Views:

PopBabies portable blender is one of the most powerful blenders that have a unique design and color. The people who are interested in the appearance of their machine, they need to buy this product as soon as possible.

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PopBabies Portable Personal Blender

5. LaHuko Portable Blender – Best Personal Size Battery Operated Blender

So we have another amazing product in our list of the top 10 best battery operated blenders, the LaHuko portable blender. It is the smartest and smallest battery-operated blender. In addition to that, this is extremely good in blending all the pieces of fruits and vegetables to the maximum. Now, you can have the juiciest and pulpiest of drinks even outdoors, with the help of the LaHuko Portable blender. And after all, you don’t have to bear the weight of this smart machine, as it doesn’t weigh too high.

Now, let’s talk about the most important features of this blender:

Important Features You Need to Know:

Starting with its incredible features, we have the cool and smart design of this small blender. Unlike the other battery-operated blenders present on our list, this is the most attractive piece.

Secondly, the rechargeable battery of the LaHuko portable blender is what you need the most. It gets recharged instantly. Moreover, it works for more time as compared to the previously-mentioned products.

Next, this amazing battery-operated blender has a single button right on the front side. This button is used for both purposes i.e. blending and cleaning. All you have to do is to put some water and press the button. The rest of the cleaning pat will be done automatically.

Lastly, the wide usage of this blender is extremely important and is also difficult to ignore. This smart machine can do a lot of things and can make a lot of drinks and stuff for you on-the-go. Some of them include milk-powder, smoothies, and even baby-food.



  • Best To Carry Along

  • Beautiful Design

  • Sharp Blades

  • Multiple Usages

  • Best Rechargeable Battery

  • The Base Is Not Waterproof

  • You Might See The Stuff Leaking From Beneath

Final Views:

LaHuko battery-operated blender is an amazing small machine to add to your lifestyle. It will surely give you another perspective to think about the blenders. So I strongly suggest you consider this option whenever you are thinking to buy a portable blender.

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LaHuko Portable Blender

6. Youmeet Smoothie Blender – Best Portable Battery Operated Blender

Coming to number six in our list, we have the Youmeet Smoothie Blender. The blender operates incredibly fast that you will get all the food items to blend neatly in a blink of an eye. These remarkably fast operations are backed up by the quality built body of the blender that can blend maximum food material at once. Now you can enjoy the smoothest experience of blending with a super large battery and a powerful motor with a super speed that will surprise you for sure. The top of the line Youmeet Smoothie Blender is what you need.

Now, let’s discuss the important details of the product:

Important features you need to know:

To start with, the remaining power display feature of the blender will let you know about the remaining power at a glance. Also, the bottom heat dissipation with the bottom silicon anti-skid pad will make sure smooth operation without skidding or vibrating.

Next off, is the induction magnet feature which will avoid the blender to operate until the cup is perfectly attached to the motor to ensure safe operation. The double-layer cup will ensure that there is no leakage during blending.

Moreover, the blender is fitted with a massive 4000-mah battery that will provide fuel for up to 20 cups of juices per charge. Then the powerful 100W motor, equipped with upgraded 3D, six stainless blades that operate with the speed of 22000 rpm.

In addition, the 11 × 4 inch size container, with a leak-proof cup makes it easier to carry it around with you anywhere anytime. Also, the rechargeable battery, which can be easily charged from your car charger, power bank, or any other electric source.

Lastly, due to its huge battery and perfectly designed features for portability and carrying, it is surely the best battery powered blender rated for 2021. It offers all the main features that might be necessary for you.



  • Portable Design

  • Easy To Use

  • Easy To Clean

  • Powerful Operation

  • Perfect Dimensions

  • Leakage Problems

  • Small-Sized Container

Final Views:

The blender offers a complete package that completely justifies its price tag. Its portable design is another plus point for those who need to carry it around while traveling.

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Youmeet Smoothie Blender

7. BZseed Personal Portable Blender – Best Safe to Use Battery Operated Blender

Next, on the list is a BZseed Personal Portable Blender that hosts some incredibly cool features. The blender offers portable operation without having to plug it in. The long-lasting battery of the blender will accompany you for a longer period so you can enjoy the delicious and refreshing smoothies anywhere at any time. Now, enjoy the fresh and full blended drinks and shakes without wasting any time. These unique features of the blender truly justify its price tag.

Now, let’s discuss the main features of the product;

Important features you need to know:

At first, the blender hosts a built-in 3000mah battery that can be easily charged through a power bank, laptop, car charger, or any other power source using a USB cable. Now you can enjoy your shakes and drinks.

In addition to that, a single charge of the battery can be utilized for 15- 20 cup drinks with each cup of 400ml. This is performed with the help of a powerful motor attached to a 6 point, stainless steel blender blade with a speed of 22000rpm.

Actually, this might be the best long-lasting battery operated blender that can provide you with the best blending experience for a longer period. Also, the auto shut down security protection will ensure safe operation by disabling the blender if the container is not properly attached.

Then, the blender is equipped with a 480ml glass container that can be utilized as a drinking cup during your traveling. The container ensures leak proof operation and easy portability during traveling.

Lastly, the blender is super easy to clean with its detachable parts. Also, the package includes all the necessities such as a USB cable, blender, travel jar, cleaning brush, and a user manual for easy assembly and use.



  • Comes With A User Manual

  • Powerful Motor

  • Easy To Carry Around

  • Easy To Clean

  • Capacious Container

  • Poor Battery Quality

Final Views:

The product is a stylish yet practical blender that can provide satisfactory results without exceeding the price tag. Plus, its stylish design will blend in any environment.

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BZseed Personal Portable Blender

8. OBERLY Portable Blender – Best Stylish Battery Operated Blender

With our next product on the list, you can have the benefits of a blender on the go. Its unique yet practical design will provide you convenience and ease to have your special blends ready in a snap. The main highlight of this product is its practical and portable design which helps you carry it around anywhere you go. There are a lot of other quality features and perks that will surely surprise you. On top of all others, the portability provided by this blender is one of the best features yet.

So, let’s discuss the key features of the product;

Important features you need to know:

Let’s start with its powerful performance. The blender is equipped with a powerful battery that can provide you with 10- 12 cups for a single full charge, which is quite impressive, considering its size and price tag.

Now, it also features a couple of safety specs that ensure safe and smooth operation. The single button operation with an overheating prevention feature makes it safe to operate. Also, the auto-stop features allow the blender to stop if the lid is not attached perfectly.

Afterward, the small and portable design of the blender is perfect to carry around while traveling. Actually, it is the best portable blender you can get in this price range. Also, the blender offers a high-quality body and a number of useful features.

Talking about its durability, the blender is made up of long-lasting, BPA free, food-grade material. It comes equipped with stainless steel blades, powered by a 2000mah battery, attached to a 3.7V motor.

Lastly, the OBERLY portable blender is a perfect choice for those who seek portability with an immense touch of power and quality built shape and design. The power motor of the blender will cut through ice like a piece of cheese.



  • Best For Traveling

  • Powerful Blending

  • Easy To Use And Clean

  • Quite Affordable

  • Perfect Sized Container

  • Small Size

Final Views:

This is the best blender for portability and traveling. The blender justifies its price as it offers equivalent power and performance, topped up with exclusively built quality and an amazing portable design.

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OBERLY Battery Operated Blender

9. Aoozi Portable Blender – Best High-Powered Battery Operated Blender

Next up on our list is the Aoozi Portable Blender. This incredible piece of machine comprises many features but the main highlight of this blender is its big chunky battery that can stay up for a fortune of time. The design is shaped in a practical way, keeping in view the portability of the blender. The convenient design of the blender enables you to carry it around to your office, gym, parks, picnics, and many other places that you might go to. It will assist you throughout the day without a stop.

Now, let’s discuss the main features of the product:

Important features you need to know:

Firstly, the blender is made up of BPA-free, food-grade, and Eco-friendly PCTG material that makes the blender totally safe and easy to make smoothies, shakes, baby food, and many other items you may please.

Secondly, the powerful 6 points 304 stainless steel blades operate with a speed of 22000 rpm that will cut through any item like a piece of paper. Now make four smoothies in a matter of seconds with the power full blades of Aoozi.

In addition to that, the blender is equipped with a 2000mah battery, which can offer blending of up to 20 times on a full charge. The battery can be easily charged by a laptop, power bank, wall charger, or any other power source near you. This feature makes it the best battery operated blender for a valuable price.

Moreover, the blender features a couple of safety features including the magnetic safety design. This feature will stop the blender automatically when a part of the blender is not attached properly.

At last, the design and shape of the blender are carefully designed to provide the best portability and lightweight to the blender. The accessories of the blender are detachable which makes it incredibly easy to clean. Also, the package includes all the necessary extras for your convenience.



  • Easy To Clean

  • Powerful Motor

  • Portable

  • Catchy Design

  • Poor Customer Service

Final Views:

It has all the necessary features for the price. The portable design will surely help you, carrying it around to your office, gym, outdoors, or anywhere you like.

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Aoozi Battery Operated Blender

10. NutriChef Cordless Blender – Best Functional Battery Operated Blender

Last but not the least, the NutriChef Cordless blender is one of the finest on the list. The fast and smooth operation of the blender can wrap up the blending in a matter of seconds. The lightweight design of the blender offers portability and easy carrying, without any compromise on the size or performance of the blender. NutriChef offers complete portability and fast operation with exclusive quality.

Let’s discuss the main features of the product;

Important features you need to know:

To begin with, this Blender offers one-button operation backed up with a powerful 100-watt high-speed motor that will provide you with shake free, smooth operation in a matter of seconds.

Secondly, the portable blender accommodates a 300mL cup capacity which is a fair amount of space that you can use to make some fresh and tasty smoothies and shakes. The container is BPA free and is manufactured from food-grade clear Tritan which is pretty easy to clean.

Moreover, the blender holds a built-in rechargeable battery that makes it easier to carry it around with you. It is a 7.4V Li-ion rechargeable battery that will provide a long-lasting timing of up to 2.5 hours so you can enjoy your drinks whenever you want.

Afterward, the stainless steel blades will cut through items like a piece of toast. You can have your smoothies and shakes ready, in a matter of seconds. Also, the blades operate without any vibration or loud noise, making it a smooth and easy operation.

Lastly, the shape and design of the blender are carefully built to obtain portability and lightweight for the blender so can carry it with you. The accessories with the blender include a charging cable power adapter and other necessary items.



  • Powerful Motor

  • Easy To Clean

  • Value For Money

  • Portable

  • Poor Return Policies

Final Views:

This blender would be a great choice for those who prefer power and can compromise a little bit on the portability side. The design and shape of the blender are quite unique as compared to other blenders on the list.


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NutriChef Battery Operated Blender

Top 3


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Top 3 Recommendations

After discussing all the ten best battery operated blenders in detail, we have tried to make sure that you pick the extremely best option from among them. So for that purpose, we have listed down the top 3 best-recommended products, from our already ten best-chosen blenders, to facilitate you to the maximum level.

So with that said, let’s give the top 3 recommendations a look:

How to Choose the Best Battery Operated Blender – Buying Guide

When you decide to go out to buy a brand new battery operated blender, then there is a great chance that you would get stuck and confused. The reason is that there are hundreds of products available on the market and all of them are similar – one way or another.

So here we are going to tell you the most highlighting factors that play an important role in choosing the best battery operated blender. All you need to do is to read the whole thing, till the end, so that you can have a better piece of knowledge about it.

Having said that, before we talk about these key factors, let’s have a brief discussion on some of the most important and pinching question about battery operated blenders, i.e. what are the different types of battery operated blenders?

So let’s not beat around the bush and get started with the important things, right away.

The Two Different Types of Battery-Operated Blenders

Whenever you search about battery-operated blenders, there are always two different types of blenders that will pop up in front of you. We will talk about the differences in them in detail, but to draw a line between the two, we can say that they differ mainly due to the portability factor.

Having said that, there are some other minor differences as well. So let’s proceed further in our discussion and get down to the main dissimilarities among them. Here we go:

Immersive Blenders

One of the two major types of battery-operated blenders is the immersive type blenders. They are usually used to make baby food. The reason is that they immerse in the food-bowl or container and blends the food material there.

That is why they are called ‘immersive blenders’.

Adding to this, the immersive type blenders are good in overall performance as compared to its rival, but the only downfall is that they are not very portable. So if you want to buy a battery-operated blender to take along your weekend picnics, then this is worth it.

In addition to that, you need force to use these types of blenders. So in case you are having arthritis problems, painful joints, or else you are an elderly person, then this is not the right thing for you to buy.

On the plus side, these blenders are easy to clean. The only hassle with the blenders is the dis-assembly of their spare parts. And that is just not the case with the immersive type battery-operated blenders.

Portable Battery-Operated Blenders

The next main type of blender is the portable battery-operated blenders. We have been talking about this type of blender for the whole time, in this article. So I think there wouldn’t be much need of explaining them.

As for an overview, we can say that this type of battery-operated blender is far better than the immersive blenders. Not that the latter is completely useless because they have their own benefits as well.

But on the whole, the use of battery-operated blenders is more outdoors than indoors. And if portability is not there, then the use of these blenders becomes somehow irrelevant.

Having said that, let’s move towards the other important topic that needs to be addressed, which is the buying tips and tricks. So let’s not waste more time and get straight into it.

  • Firstly, a cold press juicer has a Slow RPM motor; the advantage of such a motor is quite evident. Being a slow motor, the juicer can properly break down the fruits and vegetables into pieces and extract the maximum amount of nutrients from it.
  • Secondly, being a cold press juicer you also have the advantage of no heat buildup. As we know, a cold press juicer generally has a low wattage motor in comparison to a centrifugal juicer. This makes matters more clear, as the cold press juicer will not heat up to extreme levels because of its low wattage and slow RPM. Eventually, there will be little to none heat buildup and no health hazards.
  • The cold press juicers occasionally have a better design and have dishwasher safe parts. So, it won’t take a toll on you and you can easily clean it within minutes!

Things to Consider While Buying the Best Battery-Operated Blender

So finally we are going to talk about the most important and necessary topic, which solves the problems of many of the potential customers. Especially the newbies get benefited a lot from the detailed buying tips that we are to be mentioned.

If you want to spend your hard-earned money on something worth it, and do not want to get a gross product in your home, then you must read the instructions mentioned below carefully. This will help and assist you a lot.

So with that said, let’s get straight to it:

1. Type of Material

First and foremost, you have to check the built material of the battery-operated blender that you are considering to buy. It is of great importance because you don’t want to spend your money on a blender every season, right?

So make sure that the type of material used in the manufacturing of the battery-operated blender is quite durable and strong. It will help you to maintain the longevity of the product.

2. Battery Life

The main highlight of a battery-operated blender is its battery. So you have to take this matter under strict consideration. If you are spending your money on a product that is supposed to run outdoors, then it needs to be that powerful to sustain for a longer period.

Conclusively, you have to keep a check on the average battery life of the product you are considering to buy because this will affect your usage.

3. Size and Weight

Another important factor is the size and weight of the battery-operated blender. Usually, a battery-operated blander is taken along the outdoor settings, so you have to keep it in a backpack or something like that.

So in order to hold the machine comfortably, it needs to be lightweight, portable, and dimensionally reasonable, so that it can sit in any pocket easily.

4. Budget

Lastly, keep an eye on the price range of a portable, battery-operated blender. Normally, they do not cost too high that one cannot afford easily, but some of them are costly, with almost all the same features.

So it is recommended that you do comparative research before spending your money. Or simply you can take help from the already-dine researches, like that of our article!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does it take to charge a battery-operated blender?

It almost takes an hour to charge a battery-operated blender completely. It gets back to full when you keep it on charge for one straight hour. But keep in mind that this duration is after several usages.

In the case of a newly-bought portable blender, you have to keep its battery on charge for almost three hours.

What is the difference between a regular blender and a battery-operated blender?

Battery-operated blenders are different from that of the regular blenders, on the basis of their operational sequence. They run on the power supplied by a built-in battery and the regular blenders run on direct power supplied through a power cord, which is plugged in a power source.

Are battery-operated blenders worth it?

Yes, battery-operated blenders are definitely worth it. In this digital, computerized, and technologically advanced era, the more machines you have, the more ease of use you get. So battery-operated blenders not only save you time and energy but also facilitate you in unusual circumstances. That is why they are worth the money.

Summarizing Things Up

To conclude the whole thing, the article has enlisted the top ten best battery operated blenders along with their detailed features. Also, you can have benefited from the highly elaborating buying guide stated at the end. This not only helps you in figuring out the best one but also saves your time and money from wasting them on a wrong choice. We hope that this article will help you in the best of ways.