Cold press juicers are the go-to juicers nowadays. But, when it comes to buying one, we have so many options that we get confused and stressed. To make matters simple, today I will assist you in choosing the best cold press juicers which have the exceptional juice making capabilities.

Firstly, a cold press juicer has a slow RPM motor; this ensures proper extraction of juice and you get a large quantity every time. On the other hand, they are quite easy to store as they have a compact design. Some of these juicers also come with food-grade materials and dishwasher-safe parts which are easy to clean and disassemble.

After carefully analyzing the market trends and studying the specifications of a variety of juicers. We have ramped up our research work and present to you the top 7 best cold juicers that have exceptional performance.

Let’s get started.

1. Tribest GSE-5000 – Best Cold Press Juicer For Travelers

Firstly, we have a cold press juicer that has oozes perfect functionality and durable performance. Although, the juicer might be a little massive in design. But, it is because it can make some wonderful recipes apart from extracting juices. On the other hand, in terms of cleaning, it has an easy to clean design and it also has an efficient electricity saving motor. We will discuss its major aspects with you in a minute.

Some brilliant features about the best cold press juicer for travelers are below:

Features That You Need To Know:

Versatile Application:

You might be thinking that the juicer has capabilities only limited to extracting a cup of juice. Well, sorry to break your bubble but the best cold press juicer for travelers takes it a step further. You can also prepare amazing recipes like sauces and nut butters with the juicer.

Mess-free Performance:

It is the bio-ceramic materials and the proper pressure adjustment mechanism that ensures a mess-free juicing experience. With this cold press juicer, you will be getting ounces of fresh juice without needing to clean your kitchen table afterward.

3-Stages Of Proper Mastication:

With 3 stages of mastication not only does the Tribest cold press juicer properly squeeze every inch of juice from the vegetables? But, it also maintains the maximum amount of nutrients like healthy enzymes and vitamins inside your juice.



  • Durable Greenstar Backed Design

  • Noiseless 110RPM Motor Performance

  • 3 Stages Of Proper Mastication

  • Has An Ability To Make Versatile Recipes

  • Expensive

  • A Bit Massive Design

Final Views:

We have this exceptional juicer that can make some top-quality recipes alongside its abilities to extract fresh juice. Now, this makes it a perfect addition to a traveler’s camp.

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Tribest GSE-5000 Cold Press Juicer

2. Aicok Slow Juicer – Top-Rated Cold Press Juicer

Next juicer which we present to you is one of the best sellers on Amazon. This Aicok masticating juicer provides a proper juicing experience. Its slow 80RPM motor ensures that every piece of fruit is properly masticated for maximum nutrient extractions. On the other hand, it has an easy to assemble design that makes everything hassle-free. On top of this, its removable parts are also dishwasher safe.

Some essential features about the top-rated cold press juicer are below:

Features That You Need To Know:

80RPM Slow Grinding Motor:

The Aicok slow juicer is slow in a literal sense and it is good news if you are health conscious. For a proper healthy cup of juice, it essential that the machine retains the vitamins and nutrients. And the motor on this juicer does exactly that.

Proper Juice & Pulp Separation:

Moreover, another great aspect of the juicer is the pulp and juice separation mechanism. Now, you can properly enjoy a cup of juice without having to deal with wet pulp.

Noiseless Application:

In addition to this, the reason why this is the best top-rated cold press juicer on many people’s list is quite simple. The juicer doesn’t have a noisy running motor rather it has a very quiet operation that keeps the baby asleep and the guests at peace.

Dishwasher Safe Parts:

Last but not least, you don’t have to worry about getting through the dishwashing hectic. Simply disassemble the juicer and put its dishwasher-safe parts into your next wash cycle and boom it is clean within a flash.



  • 7 Segment Spiral System

  • 3 Years Of Quality Assurance

  • Noiseless Application

  • Dishwasher Safe Parts

  • Fan Favorite

  • Little Quality Control Issue

  • No Other Major Issues

Final Views:

This bad boy has an exceptional 7 segment spiral system that can handle any sort of food and extract maximum amounts of nutrients from it.

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Aicok Masticating Juicer

3. Tribest Juice Extractor Greenstar Pro – Best Stainless Steel Cold Press Juicer

Number 3 on the list, is quite fairly a newer model, so you can expect something great right out of the box. Designed in a proper grey stainless steel body, one thing is for sure; you won’t be visiting the repair shop any time soon. In terms of the juicing capabilities, the cold press juicer has Jumbo twin gears for proper mastication and proper extraction. In addition to this, the compact design of the juicer is also quite easy to clean and maintain. We will discuss some nice facts about the juicer with you in a minute.

Some nice features about the best stainless steel cold press juicer are below:

Features That You Need To Know:

Durability Is Off The Charts:

First things first, I mean if you are paying a handsome amount for a juicer. You might as well expect it to be as sturdy as a tank. Well, this one right here has the best durability out of all the models on the list. It is embedded with pieces of stainless steel in both interior & exterior

Twin Gears For Fresh Extraction:

Do you want to drink fresh and tasty carrot juice every day but you also want to have maximum nutrients out of each sip? Well, the jumbo twin gears on the amazing cold press juicer ensure that each extraction has ample amounts of healthy calories and vitamins.

Proper Masticating Juicer:

I wouldn’t shy and say it out aloud that this one is an all-around proper masticating juicer. The Tribest juice extractor is easily among the world’s best at handling both soft and hard fruits and vegetables.

Includes Versatile Kitchen Tools:

Well, you might be thinking that the best stainless steel cold press juicer only can efficiently squeeze the juice. That is simply not the case; with a few tweaks, you can even make frozen fruit and nut butters with these cold press juicers. Yes! The accessories for dong that come with the package.



  • Lightweight In Design

  • Stainless Steel Frame Construction

  • Twin Jumbo Gears For Proper Nutrient Extraction

  • Essential Kitchen Accessories Come With The Package

  • Exceptional Results With Hard Vegetables Like Carrots

  • Expensive

  • No Batteries Included

Final Views:

Truly an amazing cold press juicer, this one right here is suitable for a large family who is into drinking healthy and trying to maximize their vitamin intake.

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Tribest GS-P502 Greenstar Pro

4. Tribest SS-4200-B – Best Tribest Cold Juicer

The next one that we have on our list is a simple yet sophisticated juicer. It is the juicer that lives up to the name of being a true cold press juicer. Well, you might be wondering what makes this juicer stand out from the rest of the pack. Well, it is the juicer’s perfectly calibrated motor that ensures that there is little to none heat buildup. Apart from all this, the juicer has a truly lightweight design as it only weighs around 17 lbs. I mean even a teenager can lift it and store it in the cabinet. We shall discuss more interesting perks of the juicer with you in a minute.

Some nice features about the best Tribest cold juicer are below:

Features That You Need To Know:

Extracts Fresher Juice:

Apart from its exquisite design, it is the extraction capabilities of the juicer that deserve praise. Well, with this juicer you will be getting fresh juice every time you squeeze. It is the proper motor calibration and the auger design which ensures this.

You Name It & It Will Juice It:

Do you occasionally drink a kale or beetroot smoothie? Or are you on the softer side of the foods and like to drink a fresh cup of grape juice? Whatever your preference may be, the juicer’s motor can extract a proper cup of juice with all sorts of foods.

Preserves The Nutritional Content Of The Food:

Another amazing aspect of the best Tribest cold juicer is its ability to preserve the nutritional content of the food. The slow 57RPM motor ensures that there is minimal heat buildup so that your healthy vitamins and enzymes remain present in every sip.



  • Exceptional Topnotch Design

  • Easy To Clean

  • Preserves Nutritional Content

  • Saves Electricity By Efficient Performance

  • Produces Ample Of Fresher Juice

  • Backed By Warranty

  • Mediocre Quality Control

  • No Other Major Issues

Final Views:

It is an exceptional juicer that can extract ounces of fresh juice from both soft and hard foods easily.

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Tribest SS-4200-B Masticating Juicer

5. Jocuu Slow Juicer – Best Cold Press Juicer For The Money

If you have any sort of knowledge about cold press juicers you would surely know that Jocuu produces some topnotch juicers. Now, this one that we have today for you solely has one objective. To extract as many nutrients from every squeeze as possible. Not only this but the juicer has an extremely easy to clean design and it has multiple speed modes for proper mastication. We will further explore the quirks of the juicer in a minute.

Some nice features about the best cold press juicer for the money are below:

Features That You Need To Know:

Stainless Steel Blade Material:

You can never go wrong with a stainless steel blade material on a cold press juicer. Many people don’t give importance to a stainless steel blade but I certainly do! It will ensure proper extraction of the juice especially with fruits like oranges which become a little tricky at times.

Multiple Speed Modes:

It is time to give your energy levels a boost by investing in the best cold press juicer for the money which has multiple speed modes. It offers a low power speed mode for soft fruits like watermelon, grapes, and oranges. And a high power speed mode for hard vegetables like kale and ginger.

Food Grade Material Parts:

Another important aspect of this beautiful cold press juicer is that; in only around 100$ you are getting food-grade material parts. I mean, not only do these parts promote proper antioxidants and enzymes. But, you also don’t have to worry about any typical health hazards.

Backed By Warranty:

Have you ever had an experience with a juicer where it broke down within a week but it wasn’t covered with a warranty? If so, then it is probably a smart decision to upgrade to a model that offers a 10-year warranty on the motor and 3 years warranty on other parts.



  • Reasonable Price

  • Stylish Stainless Steel Design

  • Stainless Steel Blade Material

  • Great For Both Fruits And Veggies

  • Easy To Use Exceptional Performance

  • Dishwasher Safe

  • Plastic Connector Issues

  • Poor Customer Service

Final Views:

Firstly the juicer has an extravagant exterior which looks exquisite. I mean, you can put this juicer on your kitchen table and it would easily fit in! Secondly, I am a big fan of dual speed modes on these slow cold press juicers. This ensures that there is proper extraction in every single squeeze.

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Jocuu Masticating Juicer

6. AMZCHEF Slow Masticating Juicer – Best AMZCHEF Cold Press Juicer

Number 6 on our list is a reliable cold press juicer, to say the least. Now, when you invest in this juicer; not only will you be getting better quality juice. But, you will also feel that you are getting a cup or more extra every time you juice. Well, apart from its performance; its showpiece design is simple yet sophisticated. Not only this, but it is quite easier to clean and assemble as well. We will be discussing its quirks and features in detail next.

Some great features about the best AMZCHEF cold press juicer are below:

Features That You Need To Know:

One Button Disassemble:

As elegant as it looks, you would be happy to know that your new juicer can be disassembled within minutes. It is the brilliance in the design which makes it an easy to use home-based cold press juicer.

Upgraded Juice & Pulp Container:

Now, the cold press juicer has a proper juice and pulp container. After some complaints with the previous models, the company has done its due diligence and made sure that the pulp remains separate from the juice at all times.

Low-Speed Motor For Proper Extraction:

With an 80RPM motor, the best AMZCHEF cold press juicer now can extract around 90& more nutrients from soft and hard fruits. Have a morning full of freshness by drinking a cup of healthy juice that has proper antioxidants and is also enriched with healthy enzymes.

Small Feed Chute Reduces Bitterness:

Now, the most important aspect of this juicer is surely this small-sized feed chute. Not only does the feed chute easily lower the bitterness in the juices. But it also helps to maximize the juice extraction properly.



  • A Reliable Stainless Steel & Plastic Combo Design

  • Affordable Price Tag

  • 80RPM Slow Motor Ensures Minimal Heat Buildup

  • Loved By People Around The Globe

  • Easy To Disassemble For Cleaning Purposes

  • 7 Spiral Segment Mastication Enhances The Quality Of Juice

  • Makes Wet Pulp With Some Fruits

  • Bad Customer Service

Final Views:

Well, this cold press juicer is an ideal option to have if you are into making some hard vegetable smoothies occasionally.

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AMZCHEF Slow Masticating Juicer

7. ROVKA Slow Masticating Juicer – Best Cold Press Juicer For Soft Fruits

If you were searching for a budget cold press juicer that also can properly squeeze the juice. Then this one is probably the best option for you. Not only is the juicer lighter in your pocket. But, it also has some amazing performance stats that we will share with you in a minute. Moreover, in terms of design, it is an Auger design juicer which makes juicing a tad bit easier overall. We will discuss it in detail below.

Some nice features about the best cold press juicer for soft fruits are below:

Features That You Need To Know:

Proper Auger Design:

If you are into regular juice making, you would know how easier things get with an auger designed cold press juicer. With this design, everything else is in place! All you have to do is grab a couple of fresh oranges and start extracting a cup of healthy fresh orange juice.

Maximize Your Juice Extraction:

Moreover, if your current juicer is not even extracting a half cup of juice even after you have put two-three pieces of fruits in it. It is time to say goodbye to your average centrifugal juice and buy the best cold press juicer for soft fruits that can extract around 30% more juice.

Hates Oxidation & Heat Buildup:

This right here truly is a proper slow masticating juicer as the motor lives up to it. The 65RPM slow motor ensures that there is little to none heat buildup. Not only does this preserve vitamins and enzymes. But it also ensures that there is no oxidation build-up which is a safety concern.

Backed By Warranty:

Lastly, apart from all the other amazing features. You would also be getting an extended 2 years warranty on all the parts of the cold press juicers.



  • Value For Money Price

  • BPA Free Food-Grade Materials

  • No Oxidations Build-Up

  • Modern Auger Design Doesn’t Create A Mess

  • Around 30% More Juice Extraction Than A Centrifugal Juicer

  • Backed By Two Years Of Warranty

  • Not Great Performance With Celery

  • No Other Major Issues

Final Views:

I only have good things to say about this cold press juicer. The juicer has a practical design and it can easily extract around 30% more juice than your conventional centrifugal juicer.

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ROVKA Juicer

8. KOIOS Juicer – Best KOIOS Cold Juicer 2021

KOIOS is the name of reliability and performance. We have carefully selected this model for our viewers because it has top-notch functionality. It provides twin juicing programs for the proper extraction of both hard and soft vegetables. In addition to this, the juicer has an excellent interface with all the power buttons present on the front-facing side. Apart from this, it is an ideally efficient juicer, so you can expect more ounces of juice with every extraction. We shall discuss its pros and quirks next.

Some nice features about the best KOIOS cold juicer 2021 are below:

Features That You Need To Know:

Lightweight & Portable:

When it says lightweight and portable I mean it as this sublime cold press juicer only weighs merely 10 lbs. On top of its exceptionally clean look, it also has a compact body which makes it truly portable if you are a camper or traveler.

Higher Juice Yield Motor:

KOIOS has always been known to produce juicers properly masticate and squeeze out the juice. Do want a higher juice yield but you only have a limited budget? Then, you should surely look into the best KOISOS cold press juicer 2021 that has a great juice yield and an affordable price.

Great User-Friendly Interface:

With all the functional buttons on the front-facing side, and ample space available where you can easily place the cup while extracting juice. The juicer surely has a proper design that makes cleaning much more easily and the entire juice prep experience worth it.



  • Can Store The Juice For 72 Hours Without Degradation

  • 3-Stage Spiral System For Proper Extraction

  • Backed By 10 Years Of Warranty On Motor

  • Loved By Juice Enthusiasts From Around The World

  • Twin Juicing Options With Reverse Functionality

  • Bad Customer Service

  • No Proper Instruction Manual

Final Views:

With a proper 3 stage spiral system and twin juicing options, this is the best cold press juicer for hard vegetables like wheatgrass.

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KOIOS Juicer

9. Omega NC900HDC – Best Cold Press Juicer 2021

Omega has always been my go-to choice if I was looking for a juicer. The reason is fairly simple, apart from top-notch performance. Their models always offer something extra that I am good with. This model right here extracts juice in a noise-free environment at 80 RPM. It is extremely suitable for all sorts of fruits and veggies may it be softer ones or grumpy harder ones. It also has a little surprise for you! Let’s find out what is that in a minute.

Some nice features about the best cold press juicer 2021 are below:

Features That You Need To Know:

Noiseless Performance:

Apart from the top-notch classic design of the juicer which is completely mess free. I would like to discuss the slow 80RPM masticating motor present on the juicer. The best function of the motor is that it won’t even wake your baby up when you are squeezing the juice for minutes.

Offers A Lot More Than Just Juice:

In addition to this, because of its perfect calibration and unique concept. The best cold press juicer 2021 can make more than just tasty juices. You can also prepare fresh baby food, extrude pasta, or even make frozen desserts on this top-notch cold press juicer.

Minimal Heat Build Up:

If you are a fan of healthy drinking you would know the importance of minimal heat buildup. Not only does the juicer promote healthy rich enzymes and vitamins. It also ensures that there are sufficient antioxidants in every sip of juice that you drink.

Higher Juice Yield:

If you are investing around 350$, you might as well want some extra cup of juices every time. And, the amazing auger design on the Omega juicer does exactly that. Now, you can easily fulfill your tummy and also get a jug full of juice for your whole family in a single go.



  • High-Quality Chrome-Finish Design

  • Dishwasher Safe Parts

  • A Noiseless Powerful Motor

  • A Larger Feed Chute Saves Prep Time

  • Convenient 5 Cap Settings To Extract Maximum Juice

  • Backed By 15 Years Of Warranty

  • Minimal Heat Built-Up Promotes Healthy Enzymes

  • Expensive

  • No Other Major Issues

Final Views:

It is an amazing option to have if you want to; Firstly purchase a juicer which extracts every bit of nutrients. And secondly, which also can prepare some delicious desserts.

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Omega NC900HDC Masticating Juicer

10. Orfeld Cold Press Juicer – Best Cold Press Juicer For Ginger

You might not have heard a lot about the Orfeld brand. But sometimes, it is quite great to give chance to a newer brand which has some exceptional models. This juicer in particular attracted me because of its ability to squeeze ginger juice. On the other hand, I am also quite impressed by its compact design in comparison to some other cold press juicers. We will discuss it further in front of you next.

Some nice features about the best cold press juicer for ginger are below:

Features That You Need To Know:

Compact Design:

Available in shiny green color, the compact design of the juicer is surely a deal maker. Not only does, but it also ensure a hassle free storage process. But, the juicer is a great option if you occasionally travel around the countryside.

Suitable For Ginger Juice:

It is not called the best cold press juicer for ginger without a reason. It is because the juicer has a proper feed chute and spiral system that ensures that the ginger pieces are properly squeezed and ample juice is extracted.

150W Reliable Motor:

Now the 150W motor has two major functions. Firstly, it ensures that you have a greater percentage of juice extracted every time. Secondly, the motor has a noiseless operation that won’t disturb your baby in its sleep.



  • Extracts Up To 95% Juice

  • Food Grade Materials

  • Easy To Operate Interface

  • The Perfect Option For Hard Foods Like Ginger

  • Affordable Price Tag

  • Noiseless Application

  • Hard To Get Replacement Parts

  • No Other Major Defects

Final Views:

The juicer has a nice reliable 150W motor which has a noiseless application. All in all, it is a great option for campers or hostelites.

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Orfeld Cold Press Juicer

Top 3


Check Out Now

Our Top 3 Picks

Among all these recommendations, here are our top 3 choices for you to ponder upon:

Read Our Essential Buying Tips And Invest In The Best Cold Press Juicers!

The sole purpose of writing this buying guide is to make your shopping experience better and to provide you with a second opinion.

I have laid down in front of you some general tips, which you should keep in mind while investing your bucks in a proper cold press juicer. So, without further ado, let’s start!

Why Go For The Cold Press Juicers?

I can write a long list of reasons, as to why a cold press juicer outmatches your traditional centrifugal juicer. But to keep matters simple, below are some of the major reasons why you should go for a cold press juicer.

  • Firstly, a cold press juicer has a Slow RPM motor; the advantage of such a motor is quite evident. Being a slow motor, the juicer can properly break down the fruits and vegetables into pieces and extract the maximum amount of nutrients from it.
  • Secondly, being a cold press juicer you also have the advantage of no heat buildup. As we know, a cold press juicer generally has a low wattage motor in comparison to a centrifugal juicer. This makes matters more clear, as the cold press juicer will not heat up to extreme levels because of its low wattage and slow RPM. Eventually, there will be little to none heat buildup and no health hazards.
  • The cold press juicers occasionally have a better design and have dishwasher safe parts. So, it won’t take a toll on you and you can easily clean it within minutes!

Must-Have Things In The Best Cold Press Juicers!

Durability & Compactness:

Ignoring durability and compactness is not justifiable at all. Because these are two major aspects especially for campers and travelers.

Make sure, that your cold press juicers have been constructed with durable materials so that it is sturdy and reliable.

Not only, will it help you in the long run? But, you will not have to take it to the repair shop now and then. So, for a hassle-free and enjoyable experience, you should surely check the construction of your new cold press juicer.

Suits Your Budget:

The second thing which you will face while looking for a top-notch cold press juicer is its price tag.

Now, here I would advise you to consider your budget and then make a decision based on that. If you have an open price tag, then you can surely go for the superior and premium models that have proper performance and functionality.

On the other hand, if you are a little tight on budget. At least make sure, to cross-check some of the buying tips that I have mentioned here for you. If that budget juicer has these features in it; then you can comfortably go ahead and invest your money in that juicer.

Noiseless Application:

Now, when you are searching for the best cold press juicers, you would surely love it to be noise-free!

Well, I have good news for you in that regard. Most of the cold press juicers as you might know have a low RPM motor equipped in them.

This is a bonus, not only is a slow RPM motor perfect for squeezing the juice properly from the fruits and vegetables. Also, on the other hand, these motors specifically have a noiseless application as the motor is generally rotating at a low RPM.

So always check the noise levels on your brand new cold press juicer. Because you don’t want to wake up your baby from its sleep or ruin the peace of your guests while you make fresh drinks for them.

Ability To Masticate Juice Properly:

Make sure to check the spiral system and the masticating abilities of the juicer before checking out with your cold press juicer.

Moreover, if you are investing in the cold press juicer because you want to use it for a specific fruit or vegetables. Then in this regard, you may also want to take help from customer reviews which might give you some hands-on insight.

Food Grade Quality Parts:

Another important aspect that many people might ignore is the materials of your cold press juicer. If you are a little health-conscious, you should surely go for the food-grade materials.

As these parts are BPA free and they will surely not present any grave health hazards. Rather, they would probably increase the health benefits which you can reap from a glass of freshly made juice.

Mess-Free Application:

Last but not least, while searching for a cold press juicer you should have your eyes on its design.

The most suitable design for a newbie is the Auger one. Not only is that design quite efficient in extracting juice. But it is made in such a way that you won’t see the juice dripping all over your kitchen table.

It usually has a pinpoint glass adjustment so that nothing goes to waste. So, if you have an open budget, I would advise you to go for an auger design that will save you ample time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best cold press juicer for ginger?

Orfeld Cold Press Juicer is the best cold press juicer for ginger. It has a reliable two speeds 150W motor for maximum juice extraction. It can extract up to 95% juice efficiently and it is why we recommend it for ginger juice and hard vegetables.

What is the best cold press juicer for the money?

Jocuu Slow Juicer is the best cold press juicer for the money. It offers multiple speed modes for proper mastication. The materials are all food grade and it is also backed by a warranty. To find out more about it, read our detailed review above.

What is the best cold press juicer 2021?

Omega NC900HDC as is the best cold press juicer 2021. Firstly, it has a noiseless application and it can do a lot more than just providing you with fresh juice. You can also make smoothies with this cold juicer easily. Moreover, to find more about it, check out our review above.

Some Last Words:

Investing in a cold press juicer better known as a slow masticating juicer is a great decision. It is about time, that we incorporate some healthy lifestyle changes in our life. Now, I have reviewed the top 10 best cold press juicers in detail for you. All you have to do is choose the one that is suitable for your needs. If you have any valuable suggestions or feedback, feel free to share them with us.