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Best Portable Blenders of 2021

You love traveling and perhaps you’ve already made it an important part of your life. However, as good as that sounds, you must ensure you don’t sacrifice your healthy eating habits. For that reason, you should consider a portable blender as a critical item to include in your packing list.

We’ve carried out research and reviewed the 15 best portable blenders and we’re sure that you’ll find one that best accommodates your needs and budget in the list below

Best Portable Blender NameDimensions
1. TOPQSC Smoothie Blender5.2 x 4.2 x 11.9 Inches
2. ECPURCHASE Portable Blender3.2 x 3.2 x 8.9 Inches
3. Hamilton Beach 12412 342110.87 x 10.39 x 7.56 Inches
4. XMX Portable Blender3.2 x 3.2 x 10.2 Inches
5. GoldsGym Blender3.15 x 3.15 x 9.45 Inches
6. PopBabies Blender3.1 x 3.1 x 11 Inches
7. BILACA Smoothie Blender9.8 x 3.2 x 3.2 Inches
8. Hamilton Beach 14oz9 x 3 x 3 Inches
9. Little Bees9.7 x 3.4 x 3.4 Inches
10. La Reveuse3.7 x 3.8 x 11.4 Inches
11. La Reveuse (1801 (300W)) 3.7 x 3.8 x 11.4 Inches
12. Sboly Personal Blender3.7 x 3.8 x 11.4 Inches
13. Mialoe Portable Blender3.7 x 3.8 x 11.4 Inches
14. Cozibot Travel Blender3.7 x 3.8 x 11.4 Inches
15. Magic Bullet3.7 x 3.8 x 11.4 Inches

1. TOPQSC Portable Blender

TOPQSC Portable Blender I a powerful blender equipped with sophisticated 7.4 volts dual power motor that enables it all the nutrients in a richer smoothie in 10 seconds. Additionally, it has a robust 5200mAh rechargeable battery that will last long enough after a full charge of not more than 5 hours. The blender supports up to 20 cups of your favorite drink with a single full charge.

The material used to make this blender is the high borosilicate glass that’s more durable and heat-resistant than normal plastic and glass. It’s also non-toxic and environmentally-friendly. That makes this product the perfect tool to make smoothies, juice, shakes, etc.

Also, the blender is very efficient and made with safety in mind. By just pressing the On/Pulse button for about 2 seconds, the blender starts making the smoothies, salad dressing, marinades, or anything else delicious you want. Cleaning this blender is easy because its parts are removable to allow that. It also comes with a travel rid to enhance its portability.

Notable Features

  • Powerful 5200mah Rechargeable Battery
  • 7.4 Volts Dual Power Motor
  • Durable, Toxic-Free & Environmentally-Friendly Material

  • Effective Travel Lid

TOPQSC Smoothie Blender
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  • Removable Parts To Allow Easy Cleaning

  • Blends Dry Ingredients Perfectly Along With Wet Ingredients

  • Best For Every Day Mixing, Blending, And Grinding

  • It’s Available With A Handy Bonus Recipe Booklet

  • Suitable For 1 To 2 People

  • A Bit Pricey

  • Some Users Have Complained That Ingredients Usually Stuck At The Bottom

  • Its Cups Aren’t Dishwasher Safe

2. ECPURCHASE Portable Blender

ECPURCHASE Portable Blender is safe and efficient. It’s made using food-grade PP and ABS materials that are BPA-free, toxic-free, and environmentally-friendly. That means you’ll be able to enjoy the retention of fresh nutrients and amazing leisure time.

The Blender comes with integrated rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries and a USB cable for recharging. It’s a single-server blender that recharges easily by laptop, power bank, USB devices, or computer to keep covered while traveling.

Moreover, it features advanced six blades in three-dimension to allow perfect mixing. The blades are also made of stainless steel revolve at 22000 revolutions every minute thanks to the powerful motor inside. That means it can easily pulverize fruits and vegetables into a healthy and deliciously-looking smoothie. The blender won’t leave any chunks of ice and fruit. It doesn’t make a lot of noise too compared to traditional blenders.

The blender is not only portable but it’s also multi-functional. That is, the smoothie blender isn’t just for mixing some types of vegetables and fruits but is suitable for a wide selection of baby foods. Additionally, it’s completely portable, which makes it great for traveling, fishing, camping, etc.

Lastly, as one of the best portable blenders, the ECPURCHASE Portable Blender is user-friendly and simple to clean. It features a smart protection gadget, magnetic sensing switch for enhanced safety and cleaning. You can also separate the body of the cup and button to allow easy cleaning.

Notable Features

  • Safe And Eco-Friendly Materials

  • Six Stainless Steel 3D Blades

  • Powerful Rechargeable Lithium Battery

  • Powerful Motor & USA Cable

ECPURCHASE Portable Blender
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  • Easy To Charge From A Laptop Or Any Source With A USB Port

  • Blends Everything Efficiently

  • Small, Lightweight, And User-Friendly

  • Very Sharp Six 3D Blades

  • Separable Parts Allow It To Clean With Ease

  • Too Short Cord

3. Hamilton Beach 12412 3421, 5

Hamilton Beach 12412 3421, 5 is a 14 oz. capacity portable blender. The blender is designed to allow efficient blending and mixing to make fruit smoothies, shakes, icy drinks, and more. Since this is a 100% portable blender, it features a convenient travel lid that allows you to drink right from the jar.

You’ll easily blend your favorite fruits or vegetables and drink them from the same jar to ensure that you don’t create a lot of mess. Additionally, the blender has compact storage as it stores up-side-down while the cord wraps all around the base.

What’s more, the blender is made using a durable, toxic-free, and eco-friendly plastic material. It also features a classic black color. Generally, this has everything it takes to be one of the best portable blenders this year.

Notable Features

  • Classic Black Color

  • Powerful & Energy-Efficient 200W Motor

  • Measures 4.77 X 4.75 X 10.26 Inches

  • Made Of Durable, Safe Plastic Material

Hamilton Beach 12412 3421
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  • Blends Very Efficiently

  • Beautiful Ergonomic Design

  • One-Button Blending And A Plus Option

  • Available In A Range Of Colors

  • No Cons So Far

4. XMX Portable Juice Mixer

XMX Portable Juice Mixer is safe and cleans with ease. This portable blender is constructed of safe materials (food-grade) – BPA-free. The cup’s thickness is 0.6 millimeters, which is thicker compared to others. This blender is well rugged, durable, and doesn’t break or deform easily. It’s the perfect tool to buy for your kid, family member, or friend. What’s more, the blender cleans easily.

Further, this blender is equipped with a powerful motor with faster speed. It makes juices, shakes, smoothies, and baby supplementary foods in seconds. The robust motor is run by 2 x 2000mAh rechargeable batteries. It’s equipped with six 3D blades that will make your favorites within a short time.

The blender is highly portable and charges conveniently. That means high portability. It has a compact and lightweight body to allow easy carrying to office, school, camping, and parks or anywhere you decide to. As mentioned, charging this appliance isn’t a problem. Through the USB cable, you can recharge it through a power bank, computer, laptop, car, etc. It’s constructed with your security in mind. This Blender features over-charging protection for the two batteries and an intelligent shutdown.

Notable Features

  • Classic Black Color

  • Food-Grade Plastic Material

  • Measures 3.2 X 3.2 X 10 Inches

  • 2 X 2000mah Rechargeable Batteries

  • Six 3D Blades

  • Over-Charging Protection

  • Automatic Shutdown For Enhanced Protection

XMX Portable Juice Mixer
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  • Suitable For Making Baby Food, Vegetable Puree, And Health Drinks

  • High Portable – Best For Gym, Camping, Travel, Sports

  • Can Make Up To 10 Cups Of Drinks On A Single Full Charge

  • Beautiful Design With A Vibrant Color

  • Sold At An Affordable Price

  • The Bottle Comes Smaller Than What’s Advertised

5. Golds Gym 300 Watt Blender

If you want a perfect portable blend to make those nutritious single-portion shakes, juice blends, smoothies, and more, then Golds Gym 300 Watt Blender is the option for you. It’s an amazing blend with a compact, portable size, and one-touch operation.

The blender is equipped with a six-blade mechanism that’s powerful enough to crush ice. Speaking of power, the Golds Gym 300 Watt Blender has a powerful 300 watts motor with high torque that doesn’t just crush ice but also pulverizes vegetables and fruits creating healthy and nutritious shakes, juice blends, and smoothies with ease.

The blades rotate with a speed of up to 20K RPM and retain all the nutritious values. If you value durability, this blender will suit you. It’s made of durable material that is BPA-free and its Tritan cup is dishwasher safe. This blender’s material is also scratch-resistant and resists yellowing with continued use. Safety is guaranteed with a feature that ensures that the unit doesn’t turn on unless the cup is installed properly.

Notable Features

  • Classic Silver Color

  • Scratch-Resistant Tritan Material

  • 300 Watts High Torque Motor

  • Dishwasher Safe

  • Safe, Durable Material

Golds Gym 300 Watt Portable Blender
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  • The Perfect Size For 1 To 2 Persons

  • Comes With A Safety Feature

  • Crushes Fruits And Ice Cubes Efficiently

  • Scratch-Resistant, Dishwasher Safe

  • Enhanced Cleaning Experience

  • Some User Complained That The Unit Isn’t As Durable As Claimed

  • So Small Drinking Spout

6. PopBabies Portable Blender

PopBabies Portable Blender allows you to blend and drink right from the same 14oz. jar anywhere, anytime. It comes with a compact design that makes it perfect for offices, homes, and travel.

As compared to other blenders on our list, this one is unique – you can blend while still charging it, and safety is still guaranteed. That means a great time-saving experience. The unit is dishwasher safe to allow easy cleaning. It’s made of food-grade material, making it suitable for making smoothies, baby food, protein shaker, etc.

Additionally, it has a powerful motor that helps it to crush ice cubes, seeds, and frozen fruits into smooth results.

Notable Features

  • BPA-Free, Food-Grade Materials

  • Beautiful Carolina Blue Color
  • 14oz. Jar

  • Compact Design

  • Powerful Motor

PopBabies Portable Personal Blender
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  • Dishwasher Safe Means Easy Cleaning

  • The Unit Is Versatile As It Can Make A Wide Range Of Cold Drinks

  • Powerful Motor For Smooth Performance

  • Classic And Fashionable Color

  • Large Enough Jar

  • Highly Portable And Affordable

  • Doesn’t Come With A Cord

  • Comes With A Quite Small Opening

  • Reported Cases Of Leaking After Some Time

7. BILACA Smoothie Blender

One thing that makes the BILACA Smoothie Blender stand out is its durability nature. This one-touch blender has detachable stainless steel blades that are easy to clean by hand or by a dishwasher. The unit is reliable and features stainless steel housing that ensures durability.

Also, the high-quality 300 watts motor reinforced with four ultra-sharp blades delivers high efficiency and performance. It features two 500ml bottles that means you can make enough beverages to enjoy at ago.

Thanks to its high portability, it makes the perfect blender for smoothies, baby foods, and suitable for work, gym, school, and outdoors. With this blender, you can enjoy a healthy life by making vegetable and fruit juices, cocktails, milkshakes, and more within a short period. It’s the best blender for homes, offices, and travel because of its great convenience.

When it comes to safety, this blender is well-taken care of; the blender comes with a secure shutoff. Its bottom is also non-slip to keep it firmly placed on the kitchen counter or other surfaces. Additionally, every part of this unit is food-grade to guarantee the safety and reduce the risk of contamination.

Additionally, it comes with 2 bottles (530 ml) and both have a travel lid for a hassle-free traveling experience.

Notable Features

  • Made Of Stainless, Tritan Material

  • Measures 5.3 X 5.3 X 13.7 Inches

  • 300 Watts Motor

  • 2 X 530 Ml Bottles With Travel Lids

Bilaca Portable Blender
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  • Very Durable Thanks To The Stainless Steel Construction

  • BPA-Free Means Reduced Risk Of Contamination

  • Spill-Free Function

  • Non-Slip Bases To Provide A Secure And Safe Blending Experience

  • Easy Cleaning Because The Blades Are Detachable

  • Built-In Safety Lock

  • Considerably Noisy

  • It’s Only Dishwasher Friendly

8. Hamilton Beach 14oz Personal Blender

Hamilton Beach 14oz Personal Blender is also one of the best battery operated blenders. It comes with a compact design and is made of food-grade, BPA-free material. It’s the perfect blender for travel. The blender is all about convenience. You’ll be able to blend and drink the same 14oz. jar as well as the lid. Both the jar and lid are dishwasher safe to allow easy cleaning.

The one-touch blending feature makes it easy to make your favorite smoothies, baby formula, shakes, salad dressing, marinades, etc. Its blades are of stainless steel material. They are durable and strong enough to crush all the food materials into smooth results.

Additionally, the Hamilton Beach 14oz Personal Blender is efficient thanks to its 175 Watts motor that offers the power you require for quick and reliable performance. This unit isn’t a battery-powered one but a corded appliance running off 120 volts.

Notable Features

  • Appealing Black Color

  • Made Of Durable & Food-Grade Metal Material

  • Item Measures 5.2 X 4.2 X 11.9 Inches (L X W X H)

  • 175 Watts Motor

  • Corded Appliance

  • BPA-Free Material

  • One-Touch Blending Function

Hamilton Beach Personal Blender
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  • Highly Portable And Doesn’t Create Any Messes Like Cups And Bottles

  • Made Of BPA-Free Material To Ensure Healthy Drinking

  • 175 Watt Motor Is Effective And Energy-Efficient

  • You’ll Be Able To Carry This Blender Anywhere Without Requiring Extra Accessories

  • Available In Different Colors Of You Don’t Like The Black One

  • The Jar And Lid Are Dishwasher Safe, Which Means Easy Cleaning

  • Not Suitable For Frozen Fruits Or Ice Cubes

  • Quite A Small Jar. You May Require Constant Refilling

  • The Motor Isn’t Strong Enough To Run For A Long Time Without Stopping

9. Little Bees USB Electric Juicer

First, the cup of the “Little Bees USB Electric Juicer” is made of eco-friendly and toxin-free material, which allows for healthy drinking. The material is also resistant to high temperatures. It’s a strong, durable, and high-light transmittance material.

This electric juicer comes with a compact body and USB rechargeable batteries, which increases convenience and makes the unit best for outdoors, shopping, traveling, etc. With its 300 watts motor, this unit delivers a powerful function. It makes smoothies, baby supplementary food, juice, etc. with ease and quickly.

The unit is also a multi-functional one. You can use also it in blending your favorite drinks and as a water bottle. This portable blender is waterproof and easy to clean. Moreover, it comes with a safety design – double protection feature. When charging this unit, it can’t be used until the charging is complete.

Notable Features

  • Beautiful Pink Color

  • Made Of Safe, Food-Grade Materials

  • Item Measures 10 X 2.64 X 3.23 Inches

  • The Motor Generates 100 Watts

  • USB Rechargeable Batteries

  • Safe Protection Feature

Little Bees USB Electric Juicer
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  • Safe For Everyone To Use Since You Have To Finish Charging To Use It. You Can’t Use It While Charging

  • It’s Designed In A Way That Allows Easy Cleaning

  • The Portable Blender Is Waterproof

  • The Compact And Easy-To-Carry Design Allows Carrying It Around With Ease

  • Weighs Just 22.9oz

  • The Blender Has A Manual To Show You How To Use It Well

  • Lasting Battery – Allows Multiple Cycles Of Blending Before Requiring A Recharge

  • The User-Friendly Unit, Especially Because Of The User-Manual

  • The Material Used In Making The Unit Doesn’t Heat

  • The Bottle Has A Small Capacity

  • Maybe Time-Wasting Because You Have To Charge It Fully To Use.

10. La Reveuse Blender Smoothies

The La Reveuse (1801 (300W)) Smoothies Blender comes with a powerful motor generating 300 watts of power and the four leaves high-speed blades are strong enough and allow the effective crushing of fruits and vegetables with ease, including pulverizing ice and carrots. It’s the perfect blender for making shakes, smoothies, salad dressings, and baby formula.

It’s made of BPA-free, Tritan material. The 18oz. or 550ml blending jar and blender base are dishwashers safe to allow easy cleaning. The portable blender comes with a high-end copper motor that’s designed to serve you for a long.

You’ll be able to blend your favorite drink and drink it from the same bottle. This blender comes with an added travel lid for smooth drinking even on the go. The lid makes the unit easy to take the unit with you to the gym, office, or class; either in your bag or car.

Additionally, the blades are made of stainless steel material, which means that are rust-resistant and long-lasting. The blender weighs only 3 pounds and measures 3 x 9 inches (diameter x height), which makes it even more portable.

Lastly, as the unit is user-friendly. You just press down and then twist the bottle and it will click into its LOCK position. Generally, this unit is healthy, safe, efficient, and durable.

Notable Features

  • Classic Black Color

  • Items Measures 5 X 5 X 15.3 Inches

  • Food-Grade Material

  • 300 Watts Motor

  • 550ml Blending Jar

  • 4 Stainless Steel Blades

  • Additional Travel Lid

La Reveuse Smoothies Blender
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  • The Blending Bottle Also Serves As A Drinking Bottle

  • Highly Portable Bottle And Compatible With Multiple Drink Holders In The Majority Of Cars

  • Suits A Selection Of Blending Needs, From Smoothies To Baby Food To Food Mashing

  • 4 Stainless Steel Blades Are Resistant To Rust And Are Durable

  • Made Of High-Quality Tritan Material That Won’t Put Your Health At Risk

  • The Very Portable Bottle That You Can Carry Around Comfortably To The Gym

  • Enhanced Safety And Reduced Chance Of Food Wastage Because The Blender Only Functions Upon The Cup Being Locked In Place

  • Food Can Easily Stick At The Top Because The Bottle Is Slim At The Middle

  • Quite A Small Sipping Opening For Larger Food Chunks

11. La Reveuse (1801 (300W)) Smoothies Blender

La Reveuse (1801 (300W)) Smoothies Blender is made of BPA-free, Tritan material. The 18oz. or 550ml blending jar and blender base are dishwashers safe to allow easy cleaning. The portable blender comes with a high-end copper motor that’s designed to serve you for a long.

The powerful motor generating 300 watts of power and the four leaves high-speed blades are strong enough and allow the effective crushing of fruits and vegetables with ease, including pulverizing ice and carrots. It’s the perfect blender for making shakes, smoothies, salad dressings, and baby formula.

Also, the blades are made of stainless steel material, which means that are rust-resistant and long-lasting. The blender weighs only 3 pounds and measures 3 x 9 inches (diameter x height), which makes it even more portable.

You’ll be able to blend your favorite drink and drink it from the same bottle. This blender comes with an added travel lid for smooth drinking even on the go. The lid makes the unit easy to take the unit with you to the gym, office, or class; either in your bag or car.

Lastly, the unit is user-friendly. You just press down and then twist the bottle and it will click into its LOCK position. Generally, this unit is healthy, safe, efficient, and durable.

Notable Features

  • Beautiful Silver Color

  • Food-Grade Material

  • Item Dimensions 4 X 4 X 15.3 Inches (Lx W X H)

  • 300 Watts Motor

  • 550ml Blending Jar

  • 4 Stainless Steel Blades

  • Additional Travel Lid

La Reveuse Smoothies Blender 300 Watt with 18 oz
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  • User-Friendly Unit – Only Works Upon Activation Of The Locking Mechanism

  • Stainless Steel Blades. They Are Durable And Won’t Rust

  • The Blades Are Strong Enough To Pulverize Even Hard Foods Like Carrots And Apples

  • Dishwasher Safe Blending Jar Means Easy Cleaning

  • BPA-Free Material Is Safe For Both Children And Adults

  • The Water Bottle Will Fit In Most Drink Holders Of Cars

  • Blends Frozen Fruits Efficiently

  • The Jar Has A Slim Middle Part, Which Makes It Easy For Bigger Food Pieces To Stick And Slow Down The Blending Process

12. Sboly Personal Blender

Sboly Personal Blender is your ultimate personal portable blender. It will provide you with a quick and easy way of making your shakes, smoothies, and juices. It features a convenient one-touch operation to allow you to make the drinks you want in less than 10 seconds. To take the convenience a step higher, it has a detachable cup from which you can enjoy your favorite drink.

The blender is compact and powerful. It comes with a robust 300 watts motor compressed into a unique design. With its power, you’ll watch the contents get instantly chopped into tiny pieces with the help of the four stainless steel and very sharp blades. The blender is compact and easy to store.

Furthermore, it’s safe and secure. All the parts are made of BPA-free materials that enable healthy and safe blending. The unit only functions when the bottle is set up properly in its lock place. Additionally, the unit is equipped with overheating prevention and auto-recovery function. That means you can have peace of mind knowing that your family is safe when using this product at home.

The Tritan cup is easy to clean as it is dishwasher safe. The blender even comes with an extra bottle brush to enhance your cleaning experience. What’s more, the motor base parts are also dishwasher safe. An ice cube tray is included so that you can make your favorite smoothies conveniently.

Notable Features

  • Made Of Stainless Steel & Tritan (Free Of BPA)

  • Measures 4 X 4 X 14.7 Inches

  • 300 Watts Of Power

  • Ice Cube Tray

  • Extra Bottle Brush

  • Compact Design

  • Detachable Cup

Sboly Smoothie Blender
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  • High-End Stainless Steel Blades For Easy Cutting Of Food Materials Regardless Of Their Hardness

  • BPA-Free Construction Materials Ensure A Healthy Drinking

  • Can Fit Food Materials Of Up To 600 Ml Enough For An Entire Day Of Drinking

  • Powerful Motor That Operates Without Noise – Suitable Blender For Schools And Offices

  • Dishwasher Safe Parts To Allow Easy Cleaning And Hygiene Maintenance

  • It Doesn’t Crush Large Fruit Or Ice Pieces Adequately

13. Mialoe Portable Blender

Mialoe Portable Blender’s juicer cup is constructed of non-toxic, food-grade, and eco-friendly ABS & PP material that’s BPA free. That means you’ll enjoy the retention of fresh nutrients and great leisure time.

The blades are super quality to allow perfect mixing. The Mialoe Portable Blender is an updated version with six 3D blades that allow efficient mixing, which can easily pulverize vegetables and fruits into wonderful smoothies. The blender doesn’t leave any fruit or ice chunks and doesn’t also produce noise like the traditional blenders.

What’s more, the portable blender is equipped with a 2000mAh built-in rechargeable battery that you can easily charge using a power bank, computer, laptop, mobile phone, or any other USB device.

It’s safe and easy to clean. This is because it has a smart and safety protection feature and magnetic sensing switch that enhance safety during use and cleaning. The body of the cup and bottom are separable to make cleaning a breeze.

The Mialoe Portable Blender is multi-functional. With it, you can mix any kind of fruits and vegetables. You’ll be able to make natural tasty juice, smoothie, milkshake, and other baby foods. The unit is very portable and suitable for the outdoors.

Notable Features

  • Classic Pink Color

  • Item Measures 8 X 8 X 24 Inches

  • Made Of Food-Grade Material

  • 2000mah Built-In Rechargeable Battery

  • USB Charging Feature

  • Detachable Cup And Bottom For Easy Cleaning

  • Safety Protection Feature

  • 6 3D Stainless Steel Blades

Mialoe Portable Blender
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  • Powerful Motor That Eases Blending Of Even Hard Foods Quickly

  • Six 3D Stainless Steel Blades Blend And Grind Food Materials Efficiently Into Smooth Pastes

  • Powerful Battery Support Many Blending Cycles Without Requiring A Recharge

  • Multiple Charging Sources Increase Convenience

  • A Magnetic Sensor Ensures That The Cup Is Placed In Place Before The Blender Works To Maximize Safety

  • Features Built-In Auto Recovering And Self-Cooling Capabilities

  • The Silent Motor Allows Noise-Free Operation

  • The Blender Can Hold Up To 380ml Of Food Materials

  • You Must Peel Fruits Before You Blend, Especially For The High-Fiber Ones

  • It Takes Longer For Bulkier Fruits

14. Cozibot Portable Blender

Cozibot Portable Blender comes with a delicate and unique design that has a stylish mint green hue that makes it stand out. Additionally, it has better blending performance and power efficiency.

This blender has only two blades but its performance is far better than the one with four or six blades. That’s all thanks to the cyclonic blending zone structure and better electrical engineering on the interior.

When it comes to safety, this blender is equipped with a double click On-button and safety protection feature so that you’re sure that you’ll be blending risk-free. The machine is lightweight to enhance portability, weighing about 1 pound.

It includes Silicone seal rings in the interior of the solid cup and the same is available around the base of the motor to ensure a leak-free experience. Cleaning this portable blender is easy because its parts are detachable while the neat design on its base allows you to clean with ease. S

Moreover, it’s made with high-quality material that avoids staining from vegetables and deep color fruits with time.

Notable Features

  • Multi-Safety Controls

  • Cyclonic Blending Zone

  • Beautiful Mint Green Color

  • Made Of 304 Stainless Steel, Tritan & ABS

  • Multiple Charging Methods

  • Powerful, Lasting Battery

  • Micro-USB Charged, Can Easily Be Recharged Through 5V Adapter, Car Charger Or Power Bank

Cozibot Travel Blender
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  • A Double-Push Button For Start-Up Enhances Safety As It Prevents Accidental Startups That Can Pose A Danger

  • Silicone Rings Around The Motor And Cup Prevent Leakages

  • The Locking Mechanism Makes Sure That The Portable Blender Doesn’t Run Unless The Cup Is Put In Place Well

  • The 4000mah Rechargeable Battery Allows Up To TWENTY Blending Cycles Without The Need For A Recharge

  • Micro-USB To Help In Recharging Through A Phone Charger Or Laptop

  • 2 Blades Support The Greatest Blending Performance While Economically Using Power To Prevent Wastage

  • Lightweight Enough For Maximum Portability

  • High-Quality Materials Don’t Allow Staining – Easy Cleaning

  • Comes With An Attractive Mint Green Color

  • Must Follow All The Loading Specifications Otherwise, It Will Be A Disaster For Your Blender

  • Batteries Need To Be Used Daily Otherwise They Drain

15. Magic Bullet Blender/Mixer

Magic Bullet Blender/Mixer is a 2-in-1 device that can serve you both as a mixer and blender. It comes with a blender base, mini cup, and blending bottle. With that, it will efficiently make you the quality puree, smoothie, milkshake, protein shake, or anything you need to make. This blender is your best travel companion.

It has a size of 9 x 5 x 9 inches and a weight of 3.28 pounds. The weight is contributed by the bottles, 2 cups, 2 lids, and the powerful blending motor.

The container, the bowl, and covers are constructed using BPA-free plastic, which is simple to clean. The blades in this blender stay always sharp to allow for long time service.

Notable Features

  • Measures 9 X 5 X 9 Inches

  • Stainless Steel Blades

  • Blends In 10 Seconds

  • Compact In Size To Enhance Portability

  • BPA-Free Plastic Material

  • 2-In-1 Device – Blender & Mixer

Magic Bullet Mini
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  • Suitable For Every Day Mixing, Blending, And Grinding

  • Best For 1 To 2 People

  • Comes With A Recipe Book As A Bonus

  • Blends Both Dry And Wet Ingredients Perfectly

  • Blends Smoothies In 10 Seconds

  • A Bit Pricey

  • Ingredients Sometimes Stuck At The Bottom

Buying Guide

Read Now

Buyer’s Guide – How to Buy the Best Portable Blender

There are many things you should keep your eyes on before purchasing a blender that’s best suits your requirements.

1. Weight and Size

It’s important to ensure that your portable blender you’re buying fits in properly inside your luggage. Remember, the blender is going to have to be in your suitcase. Since it has blades, likely, it won’t be allowed to be in your hand luggage.

So, ensure that you consider the weight and dimensions. Some blenders can be a challenging shape when it comes to packing, so consider that.

2. Ingredients

If you mainly are blending liquids and soft foods, you won’t be requiring a very powerful blender. But for harder vegetables and fruits as well as frozen foods, you may need to choose a portable blender that has more power.

Additionally, consider that, normally, portable blenders aren’t able to generate the power generated by kitchen-top processors. Therefore, it’s good to understand all these expectations before buying. Ensure that you test the meals in the blender before traveling.

3. Motor

Some kitchen blenders selling at the highest price ranges will usually come with motors that can generate up to 700 Watts of power. Portable blenders, on the other hand, often have motors that produce less power, a few as low as 125 to 150 watts.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that they can’t blend the best smoothie or juice for you. That’s something you require testing and setting expectations for. You require finding a motor that has power enough to deal with the ingredients you’re using, and the frequency at which you’re blending.

4. Source of Power

The power source is undoubtedly one of the most important factors. You should first of all decide whether you want a battery-operated or chorded portable blender.

5. Battery Operated Portable Blender

A lot of portable blenders have their batteries that have a given amount of lifespan before they require replacement or recharging. Your environment happens to the most ideal factor to consider before buying a portable blender running on batteries.

If you’ll be going out for a full day, a fully-charged battery ought to be enough to support your blend needs.

However, if it will be a case of days out camping in areas where you can’t access electricity for charging the battery, then you’ll need some backup batteries. So, that’s also worth taking into consideration if you’ll be going away into rural areas for a long period.

a) USB-charged

If you’re one of the people that travel with so many devices, a USB-charged blender could be a perfect option for you. A USB-charged portable blender tends to be the least in terms of power but its convenience is so useful.

So, if you’re going to places having high voltage output sockets, then that could be a nice choice. Alternatively, there are solar charges that could help in charging this blender if you go camping with one.

b) Electricity-operated

If you’ll be moving to urban areas, then you’ll be sure there are power sockets to plug your portable blender in. It’s good that you also consider the voltage there. You could consider purchasing an adapter to ensure you plug in the correct voltage for your blender.

6. Cups & Accessories

Portable blenders usually come with extra or inbuilt cups, which means you can easily blend and then detach the cup to drink. Additionally, many come with extra accessories such as pouring funnels and blades.

You should ensure that the blender you pick can operate on a sole setting. You don’t want to constantly change your accessories because that might take up a lot of time and space in your luggage. Ensure that is capable of holding all the ingredients you’re planning to blend.

7. Self-Cleaning Capabilities

Cleaning a portable blender can be difficult. But you have the equipment and all the space at home to do it efficiently. When traveling, you won’t have this luxury. Some portable blenders are equipped with a self-cleaning feature, which will ease your life during traveling.

Otherwise, you’ll need to consider how you’ll be cleaning your blender without using so much effort and extra accessories.


A portable blender is a useful appliance that you should own if you want to maintain a healthy eating habit even when you’re on the go. There are so many of these products in the market and they all differ in terms of design, size, price, power, and overall performance.

Choosing the right unit for your needs and budget, therefore, can be daunting. However, with the help of our review on the 15 best portable blenders, you’re shopping is made easier. Remember to take into consideration the factors mentioned in the Buyer’s Guide above to ensure you buy the perfect blender for your needs.