Best Quiet Blenders of 2021

While making smoothies or any type of blended shake, one major problem that many people face is immense noise. I mean, some of the blenders make so much noise that it’s simply unbearable. Thus, the only way to get rid of this crappy noise is to invest in the best quiet blenders.

Quiet blenders are silent and powerful at the same time. No matter if you are blending fruits, veggies, or crushing ice, you won’t hear a lot of sound from these machines. That’s the reason you need to put all your money because quiet blenders are simply worth every penny you spend on them.

With that said, our experts, after hours and hours of research have compiled a list of some of the best noiseless blenders available in the market. All that hustle is made for you just to make you get a perfect deal in the market.

So let’s not beat about the bush and get straight to the products:

1. Hamilton Beach Professional- Best Silent Blender 2021

At the top of the list, we have Hamilton Beach Professional that marks to be one of the best quit blenders. Its 1500 watt powerful motor allows perfect crushing of the ice or other items that you want to add to your smoothies. Besides, Hamilton offers four different programs that enable you to go for whatever you desire to have. Also, you can adjust the blending speed with the help of a single knob.

To dig deep into its super amazing features, let’s move ahead:

Important Features You Need to Know:

Four Program settings:

This masterpiece offers you four program settings including smoothies, puree, crush, and clean. You can add your favorite fruits and veggies to make super healthy smoothies within few seconds. Also, you can crush ice, walnuts, and other hard food items with its powerful crushing blades.

Variable speed:

In addition to that, you can adjust the blending speed with the Hamilton blender as it can be run at different speeds according to your requirement. You can easily blend anything of your choice on the speed ranging from extremely slow to almost 18000 RPM.

Quiet shield:

Apart from that, Hamilton is one of the best quiet blender 2021 as it comes with a removable quiet shield that reduces the maximum noise produced while the blending process is going on.

Powerful Motor:

Moreover, to work with hard food items including frozen food and some kind of dry fruits, this amazing blender brings in a powerful motor of about 1500 watt. The sharp edge blades and this high watt motor combines to give the extended crushing capability to the blender and gives you the best results.

Five-year warranty:

It can be the worst case if you invest a lot of money in a machine and it stops working out of some unknown silly reason. But, Hamilton gets you covered in this regard as it offers you a limited warranty of five years to get rid of such problems.



  • Powerful Functional Motor

  • Multiple Program Setting

  • Variable Speed Control

  • Five Years Of Limited Warranty

  • Come With A Quiet Shield

  • No Handle On The Pitcher

  • Made Up Of Plastic

Final Views:

If you want to have a quiet blender that has the basic blending options along with a reasonable price, then Hamilton Beach Professional can be the best option for you in this regard.

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Hamilton Beach Quiet Blender

2. Cleanblend Commercial Blender- Best Blender with Quiet Operation

Now you can get rid of the bulk of appliances just by bringing Cleanblend Commercial Blender as it offers you nine different options including chopping, grinding, mixing, liquefying, and many others. Moreover, it possesses an 1800 watt motor that runs perfectly to crush all the frozen food items. With that being said, this commercial blender can serve you in the best of ways with its super amazing features. Apart from that, this beast is a bit expensive as it costs you almost one hundred and eighty bucks. But, this can be acceptable as this masterpiece comes in with several super amazing features.

Here is the detail of its beneficial specs that you must not ignore:

Important Features You Need to Know:

High-powered Motor:

With the 1800 watt power, the Cleanblend works excellently to crush the ice and other hard items. Its sharp edge blades rotate with variable speed to give you the desired results. Having said that, you can run the blender on one of the three-speed modes as per your requirements.

Remarkable Functioning:

Additionally, this masterpiece replaces nine appliances as it performs the functions that are performed by nine different appliances. With this you can get smoothies ready in few seconds, you can have hot soup and many other multiple functions can be performed by this.

Spacious Jar:

As you can guess by its name, this incredible machine can also be used for commercial purposes like in restaurants and other food bars. Its spacious jar has enough room to process a large amount of creamy and yummy smoothies and other food items.

Food Grade Construction:

Apart from that, now you don’t need to worry about the quality of the machine and its parts as it’s perfectly built with the BPA free and stainless steel food-grade material.

Money-Back Guarantee:

Here comes another most appreciated fact about the Cleanblend. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can simply return it and get the whole money back. Also, it comes with five years warranty so if you come across any damage in the machine, you can easily get it repaired.



  • Easy To Use

  • Both For Household And Commercial Use

  • Sturdy Construction

  • High Powered Motor

  • Comes With A Spacious Jar

  • A Bit Expensive

Final Views:

Cleanblend commercial blender marks to be the best blenders as it enables you to perform nine multiple functions in just one machine.

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Cleanblend Commercial Blender

3. Vitamix 36019- Best Noiseless Blender

At number three in the list, we have Vitamix 36019 which counts to be among the most expensive yet highly demanded blenders. Its special removable noise-reducing shield minimizes the sound produced during the process. You can easily use this machine in a public area and it can also be used for household purposes. But, this Vitamix blender is more preferable to be used for commercial use as it costs you almost more than 1000 dollars that is way too much to invest in a household appliance. With that being said, Vitamix 36019 can be the best choice for those who need a highly functional blending machine for their restaurants, cafes, or bars.

To dig deep into its features, let’s move ahead:

Important Features You Need to Know:

Easy to clean:

To begin with, this Vitamix blender comes with a magnetic back cover that can be easily removed for cleaning purposes. This can reduce the time taken to clean the machine so you can save your time for some tasks.

Noise-less reducing shield:

In addition to that, this masterpiece offers a noise-less functioning as it brings a removable shield that can be used while blending. This shield is made up of such material that absorbs the maximum sound and ensures a noise-less process.

Upgraded functions:

Apart from that, you can enjoy multiple functional options in this super stylish and upgraded machine. It possesses 6 program buttons that enable you to choose between 34 different programs and almost 93 variable speed controls. So, with this, you can have full control over this smashing blender.

Short blending time:

Additionally, this Vitamix blender saves you from the irritating long blending time. With this, you don’t need to wait for several minutes to get your smoothies done rather it gets your desired food item within a few seconds.



  • Takes Less Time In Blending

  • Reduces Maximum Processing Sound

  • Offers 34 Different Program Settings

  • Extremely Easy To Clean And Maintain

  • Extremely Easy To Clean And Maintain

  • Way Too Expensive

  • Not Suitable For Household Use

Final Views:

Vitamix 36019 can be the best choice for users who want to invest a huge amount in a blender for commercial purposes.

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Vitamix 36019 Quiet Blender

4. Blendtec Professional 800 – Best Quiet Blender 2021

In most of the commercial juice bars or cafes, you might have observed that they get your smoothies or other blended drinks within few seconds and also you don’t even hear the sound of the blender around, even if it is going on right in front of you. This is because they use blenders that are efficient enough in reducing the sound. Blendtec Professional 800 is one such blender that serves the same purpose in quite an efficient way. Moreover, it does not cost you more than 800 dollars that are, for me, quite reasonable as it brings you several tremendous features along.

So, let’s not waste time and get straight to the features:

Important Features You Need to Know:

Possesses Dull Blades:

Unlike the other blenders that have crisscross blades, Blendtec has dull blades and the reason behind this change is that it does have the power to smash and liquefy everything that you got in that. This thing will avoid you from facing lumps, seeds, and inconsistencies in your drinks.

Sound Enclosure:

Additionally, Blendtec is the best choice for home use as it comes with a sound enclosure. This covering is surprisingly well-built with a material that restricts the maximum sound from going out and processes the food in a completely noise-less environment.

Safe Construction:

The construction of this super stylish blender is unique as it is made up of Triton coal polyester that is BPA free. This is not just durable but also ensures healthy results.

Wash Option:

Among its vast optional programs, there is a wash option as well. This is also a unique and distinguishing feature as you hardly find this in other blenders. What you need to do is just fill the jar with water and touch the wash option. It will automatically spin the water all over the jar and clean it well.

Touch Screen Interface:

Lastly, it brings a touch interface that is not just convenient but also gives a super stylish and elegant look to the blender. Having this feature, you just need to use fingertips to operate this outstanding machine.



  • Safe To Use

  • Easy To Wash

  • Touch Interface

  • Sound Enclosure

  • Possesses Dull Blades.

  • Best For Liquefying The Food Items

  • No Major Cons

Final Views:

If you want to have some super incredible features in a blender along with an amazing and stylish look, then get yourself Blendtec Professional 800 as it serves you the best in this regard.

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Blendtec Professional 800 Blender

5. Ninja Personal Blender- Best Budget Quiet Blender for the Money

On number five, here comes the Ninja Personal Blender that is perfect for the ones who do not want to invest a lot in the blender as it costs less than 50 dollars that is quite cheap. It is a 700-watt single-serve blender that is compact and easy to use. Moreover, it can be kept anywhere as it is 13 inches tall and four inches wide and with the base, it is almost 20 inches tall. It has a long cord of about 31 inches that is also a plus point as you can place it on the countertop even a bit farther from the switch. Along with these features, this ninja is altogether a stylish blender as its base has a nice curvy look that adds to its super cool outlook.

Now, let’s get into the details about its highly beneficial features:

Important Features You Need to Know:

Perfect Dimensions:

This ninja blender is perfectly designed to fit in any place in your kitchens. Its compact size and curvy base make it look amazing while placed on the kitchen countertop. Its 20 inches tall height and four inches wide body make it a worth buying machine. Moreover, it possesses an electric cord of about 31 inches in length that can be easily reached to the switchboard.

Highly Functional:

From smoothies to purees and making of hot soup, ninja covers you the best in this regard as it gives you multiple functioning option. You can have any of these food items with the help of this super amazing machine.

Blend-to-Go Cups:

Moreover, it comes with two 16 ounces cups that are ready to use. You can simply take the cups off from the blender and use it readily. Two sip and seal lids are extremely helpful to avoid spilling of drinks.

Dishwasher Safe:

Apart from that, the plastic and the blade used in the machine are BPA free. You can easily use them without having fear of losing health. Also, these jars are dishwasher safe as they are made up of sturdy material.

Pulse Technology:

Lastly, it brings the pulse technology that is the best in all. With this amazing feature, you don’t need to press any button. What you need to do is just press the cup downward and keep it holding for a few seconds. And to stop the process just, take your hand off and it will stop working.



  • Comes With Two Spacious Cups

  • Pulse Technology

  • No Buttons To Deal With

  • Highly Functional

  • Dishwasher Safe

  • Low-Powered Motor

Final Views:

This ninja blender is the best option for those who have a limited amount to invest in the blending machine. Moreover, its single serving ready-to-go cups are the real attraction for the users.

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Ninja Personal Blender for Shakes

6. Ninja Professional Countertop Blender- Ninja Quiet Blender 2021

To treat your guests with chilly smoothies on a hot summer day, get Ninja Professional Countertop Blender that marks to be the best choice. It is a super-fast, blending machine that can give you an icy drink ready within a few seconds. Moreover, its extra-large-sized pitcher makes it worth using the machine as it makes you enable to get smoothies ready for the whole family or the whole friend’s squad at once. For the price, Ninja Professional is extremely affordable as you just need to invest almost 120 dollars for this piece of machine.

Here is a list of its tremendous features that make it a worth buying product.

Important Features You Need to Know:

72-ounce spacious pitcher

Ninja professional excels in providing you all the basic features. Its 72-ounce glass pitcher is an added perk as it can prepare a drink for the whole family at once. Also, its manual programs enable you to control its speed and run the machine according to your will.

Sharp blades:

In addition to that, its highly sharp six blades crush the ice into an extremely well-blended drink that you can’t even figure out if there was ice in it or not. You can serve your friends and family with icy drinks on a sunny day when all you need is the cold and chilly smoothies.

BPA Free Construction:

Further, this Ninja blender is a well-designed, BPA free machine that is durable and dishwasher safe. It runs on an 1100 watt powerful motor that offers a perfect blend and gives the best results.

Additional cups:

Moreover, it comes with a small 16 oz. cup in which you can directly blend your favorite fruits and get it ready to drink. This sleek and stylish cup looks super cool and can be carried along if you want to.



  • 72-Ounce Jug

  • Additional Cups

  • Spill Free Jar

  • Sturdy Construction

  • Sharp Edge Blades

  • A Bit Noisy

Final Views:

If you want to have a blender that has a large jar in which you can prepare smoothies for your whole family at once then, this beast can be very much useful for you as it has a plastic jar that can contain up to 72-ounce liquid at a time.

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Ninja Professional Countertop Blender

7. Ninja Professional BL610- Best Noise-free Blender

Ninja BL610 is one of the most prominent blenders among its contemporaries by offering the best. Its spacious jar makes it more beneficial as you can have your smoothies’ readily available right after blending. Moreover, its stylish smart touch design makes it super cool to be placed at the countertop. Having said that, you can blend your favorite fruits and veggies to get the nutrients enriched drink to keep healthy and safe.

Here are some of the remarkable features that will surely help you to make a good choice:

Important Features You Need to Know:

Six Blade Assembly:

This super incredible Ninja blender blends the fruits and veggies to the fullest to give you ultra-smooth drinks. Its six-blade assembly is all that you need in a perfect blender. It gives you ultimate blending power that can crush all the food items including ice and frozen fruits and vegetables as well.

Variable Speed Modes:

In addition to that, three different speed modes are ranging from low, medium to high speed. You can just push the button to control the speed according to your requirement.

Perfect mouth:

Moreover, it is perfectly designed to avoid dripping and allows easy pour due to its spout shape. Alongside this, it comes with a 72-oz jug that is roomy enough to have a drink for the whole family.

Powerful motor:

Additionally, its 1000 watt motor offers great pulverizing power that can crush almost all the items despite their different nature. Even ice can be crushed completely to make a chilly smoothie.



  • Sharp And Highly Functional Blades

  • Smart And Well-Built Design

  • Spacious Jar

  • Powerful Motor

  • Variable Speed Mode

  • No Extra Cups And Lids

Final Views:

If you desire to have full control over the settings of your blender, then ninja professional Blender would be a good choice for you as it offers three different speed settings that mark to be extremely helpful.

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Ninja Professional 72oz Countertop Blender

8. NutriBullet ZNBF30500Z

At number eight, we have got the best blender and juicer combo for regular juicing, the new Nutribullet Blender Combo. It has got all the necessary equipment, which brings ease to your task. Moreover, the compact design of this Nutribullet blender combo allows you to place it on your countertop very conveniently. Thus, you can save a lot of space for doing other chores. Besides, you can also keep it inside the cabinet shelves of your kitchen without any hassle. So conclusively, this is the best compact blender combo you can have within a reasonable price range.

With that being said, let’s check out the most highlighting and enabling features of this blender and juicer combo:

Important Features You Need to Know:

Versatile Blender:

First things first, the Nutribullet blender combo works efficiently to extract juice from every bit of the product. No matter you are blending a hard vegetable or the softest fruit chunk, the Nutribullet knows its job pretty well. You are going to have the healthiest juice with this juicer by your side.

Three Precision Speeds:

In addition to that, the Nutribullet blender combo is proficient with three different speed settings. For instance, it shows up with a pulse function too, along with the regular blending and juicing option. So, this adds to its worth and you get to have an amazing juicer blender in your kitchen.

Efficient Extractor Blades:

The easy twist extractor blades of this blender combo allow you to remove the juicer cup very easily, right after blending. Moreover, the stainless steel construction and Durable built-quality of these blades last for a longer span.

Hassle-Free Cleaning:

Last but not least, the Nutribullet blender combo’s cleanup is a breeze. Every single piece of the blender pops out so easily. Moreover, the easy assembly and disassemble of this blender allows quick usage and cleanup within no time. So that’s the best thing about it!



  • Easy-Twist Extractor Blade

  • Cleanup Is A Breeze

  • Multiple Options

  • Easy To Operate Settings

  • Reasonable Price Tag

  • This Blender Produces A Lot Of Noise

  • The Container Jug Is Comparatively Small

Final Views:

If you are interested in having the best compact blender combo that will suit your countertop and fit your budget range, then look no further. The NutriBullet blender combo is the right option for you to avail in the first place.

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NutriBullet ZNBF30500Z Blender

9. Breville Fresh & Furious

Here we have the most classically designed best quiet blender, that has the most basic and regular shape. The long and sturdy metal frame of the blender provides maximum durability that extends its lifetime. Moreover, the easy to operate settings and readable power buttons allow you to have full control over the machine. That said, the noise level of this juicer is way too less than the usual blenders. So, in case you are done with the noisiest blenders disturbing the morning peace, then you need to have the Breville blender at your place.

Now, it is time to check out the most notable features of this best noiseless blending machine. Here we go:

Important Features You Need to Know:

Crush and Chop Feature:

Breville blender and juicer is equipped with fast and sharp blades that crush and chop through the hardest of produce and retains every nutrient in the juice. The versatile yet powerful blades even cut through the ice cubes to dissolve it completely with the extract.

LCD Display:

Next in the list of its useful features is easy to read and use digital display. It allows you to keep a check on the activity of your blender and thus you can have the quietest of operation very easily. What else you need when you can take full advantage of the LCD.

Quiet and Efficient Operation:

Although it stands at number nine on our list, still it has made it to be one of the best and most quiet juicers available on the market. Unlike the regular juicers made up of stainless steel, this masterpiece works very quietly.

Aesthetically Perfect:

For the best and most appealing design of this blender, it stands out from many of its rivals because normally the juicers either work great or look great. So in case you are having both the perks at one place, then you need to have Breville juicer in the first place.

Limited Lifespan:

Lastly, on the downside, the less durability makes the lifespan of this juicer blender combo a little shorter. As a result of that, you have to spend your money back-to-back on frequent upgrades, so that turns out to be a bad idea.



  • Best In Appearance

  • Lightweight

  • Complements Your Countertop

  • Quietest Operation

  • Easy To Read Display

  • Not A Long-Term Juicer

  • Might Break Down After Several Uses

Final Views:

So if you are interested in having the chicest piece of equipment for blending and juicing purposes, then the Breville juicer is the right option for you.

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Breville BBL620SIL Countertop Blender

10. Cleanblend Ultra Blender

So, here comes the last but not the least juicer machine from our shortlisted products, the Cleanblend Ultra Blender. It might not be as good in performance as that of the previously mentioned, high-end juicers, but the price tag is quite reasonable with that. It costs not more than 130 dollars that is quite in range and can be afforded by any ordinary user. Along with this, you can also enjoy some great blended drinks with its super sharp blades and high-powered motor.

With that being said, let’s move ahead to check out its important features:

Important Features You Need to Know:

Ideal size:

Cleanblend ultra blender marks to be an ideal sized blending machine that can be adjusted on the countertop easily. Moreover, its stylish outlook makes it more attractive for the user to invest in this amazing machine.

Powerful Motor:

Additionally, we have the most important thing to mention is its 1000 watt excellently performing motor that marks to be a highly important feature of this expensive beast. It provides ultimate power to the machine to work perfectly to give the best output.

Multiple Programs:

Moreover, this Ultra Blender excels in providing nine different options including, blending, mixing, crushing, and many more. With just a button push you can have things done right in a few seconds.



  • Five Years Long Warranty

  • Easy To Use

  • Wide Setting Options

  • Easy Cleanup

  • Loaded Package

  • No Additional Cups

Final Views:

Cleanblend ultra blender excels in crushing and blending the ice to its fullest and makes a well-blended icy smoothie to treat you in summers.

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Cleanblend Ultra Blender

Top 3


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Top Three Recommendations:

Things That Need to Be Considered:

For the best quiet blenders, most of the time people just look for the noise-less shields and the price but to your information, many other factors play an important role in determining the worth of the machine. So, let’s just move straight to those facts and list them down according to their level of importance.

1. Budget

To begin with, the budget comes at the top of the list of the facts that must be kept in mind while buying the best quiet blender. It should not be way too expensive that you might regret after buying and should not be that much cheap. One more thing that is to be noticed is that you must not compromise on the quality even if you have to pay a bit more than usual.

2. Noise Control

The second most important factor is noise control. The latest quiet blenders come with removable noise-reducing shields that are the best option in this regard. These shields reduce the maximum noise and give you a sound-less environment to work in.

3. Multiple programs

In a worth buying blender, you must check the options it offers in terms of program settings, for a blender is required to perform some tasks. It must possess options, including smoothies, purees, hot soup, crushing and mixing, and many other options that one wants to have in the best blender.

4. High-powered motor

At number four, we have another amazing fact that must not be ignored. For perfect blending and powerful crushing, the blender should have a high-powered motor. This not only blends it well but also regulates the blending speed that is also another important factor regarding the choice of the best quiet blenders.

5. Overall construction

When it comes to health, we should never compromise because things can be bought again but good health is hard to recover. So, the overall construction of the jar must be safe to use for food items. It should be BPA free and should possess blades made up of stainless steel.

6. Blades

Next in the list comes the blades that also marks to be the highlighting factor in determining the worth of the blender. Now here, you can have different types of blades that are specialized to perform different functions. It can be crisscross or dull blades. You must choose the one that suits your requirements the best.

Apart from this, the blades should be made up of stainless steel that is quite a safe and durable material to be used for machines.

7. Style

Style and looks have also great importance as you have to set your blender on your kitchen top so it should look cool and stylish. The color should not be too loud or odd to be placed in the kitchen. On/off setup and other program buttons should also be arranged in a stylish design.

8. Dishwasher Safety

Lastly, comes the washing task. The jar that comes in the package should be dishwasher safe. You can use it with any dishwasher without worrying about its quality and color. Another important thing that you must look up for is the disassembling of the parts. It is way more convenient if the parts get detached so that you clean it well.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How can I make my blender less noisy?

If you think that your blender is way too noisy then you can simply replace it with any other quiet blender. And if you don’t have money to invest in it, then you can simply do some easy hacks to reduce the noise. What you can do is just shift it to some other place where there is no one to get disturbed by the noise, also, you can put a towel around it to restrict the sound and there are other ways that can be used to reduce the noise. You can check on YouTube tutorials.

2. Are expensive blenders worth it?

If you are the kind of person who can do anything to get the best quality in everything then it is perfectly okay to buy an expensive blender. It is for sure, a truth that you can enjoy a lot of important features in expensive blenders as they cost you equal to what they offer. So, if money is not a big issue for you then it is good for you to go for an expensive blender.

3. Does BlendJet crush ice?

To get the perfect blending and crushing results, BlendJet possesses a powerful motor and sharp edges blades that are super-efficient in this regard. You can have the frozen food items and ice crushed in just a few seconds to get creamy cold smoothies.

4. Are glass blenders better than plastic?

For sure glass is better than plastic in many ways. The glass jars do not get scratches over time while the plastic jars get a lot of scratches if you crush ice or other hard food items in it over and over again. Also, the food odor gets absorbed by the plastic jar more easily as compared to the glass jar. The glass jar retains its looks and style for a long time while the plastic jar gets decolorized in just a few months.

5. Can you put hot liquid in a plastic blender?

It is not impermissible to put hot liquid in the plastic but you should avoid the boiling hot liquid to be placed in it. There are many consequences to this. The boiling hot water might dissolve the chemicals used in plastic or it can waste the real aroma and color of the food as well.

Some Final Words:

To wrap up the discussion, this was all about the best quiet blenders. Based on different researches, YouTube tutorials, and some good personal experiences, we have gathered this highly beneficial information regarding the top ten best quiet blenders. You can also, get to know about the basic facts about the blenders that must be kept in mind while buying the best blenders through the detailed buying guide mentioned above. So, we hope that this article would help you in bets of the ways.